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Sears and the Kardashians aim to stop bullying

Bullying is a timeless problem that crosses all lines, and many children suffer its effects for years. Sears is doing its part with the new program, Team Up To Stop Bullying.

Read on to learn more about the initiative, what the Kardashians are doing and how you can get involved.

Sears has created an anti-bullying initiative called Team Up To Stop Bullying that will launch this upcoming school year. The program is designed to help raise awareness about bullying and quickly provide solutions to victims, families, schools and communities.

“Sears has a long history of supporting American families and the communities in which they live,” said Lana Krauter, Senior Vice President of Sears Holdings and President of Apparel for Sears. “Children deserve to be protected and learn in a safe place. Our goal with Team Up to Stop Bullying is to provide access to the hundreds of solutions available to the parents, kids and communities who most need them as well as making it easier to find those solutions. We urge everyone interested in ending the bullying epidemic to take the Power Pledge today.”

Star power

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian Odom are the first stars to join the movement as ambassadors, with others soon to follow. The popular trio has voiced their support of the program, and as the site’s full launch draws nearer, more ambassadors will be announced. We can’t wait to find out who else is onboard.

Signs of bullying

Your child may be being bullied, but how do you know he is, if he hasn’t come to you for help? There are a few warning signs to look for (although not all children exhibit them). Unexplained injuries are a red flag, of course, but also take note of destroyed or lost personal belongings, such as clothes, electronics or jewelry.

Other physical signs can include frequent headaches or stomach aches — but faking illness is a concerning sign too. Changes in eating or sleeping habits may be noted, too, as well as social or academic problems.

Bullying can lead to long-term effects including depression, anxiety and poor performance in school. Some of these effects can last well into adulthood.

You’ll also want to note any behaviors that indicate that your child may be a bully. If she comes home with new belongings, for example, or frequently gets into fights at school, those can be warning signs. If she displays aggressive behavior at home, doesn’t take responsibility for her actions or blames others for her problems, those can be signs as well.

What can you do?

Sears is urging anyone touched by America’s bullying epidemic to join Team Up to Stop Bullying by visiting and taking the “Power Pledge” to actively stand together against bullying. By this fall, there will be an online portal that will feature resources and information that will allow users to identify solutions to their unique bullying problem.

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