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Celebs answer: “What’s the best advice your mother ever gave you?

Celebrities love their mommies too and for Mother’s Day 2012 we wanted to know: What’s the best advice their mothers ever gave them? We did our research and these three gals relayed some advice from their mothers that’s worth celebrating year after year.

Busy Phillips has her daughter Birdie and Alicia has her son Bear, while Eva Mendes plays a troubled mom in a complicated mother-daughter relationship for her new movie, Girl in Progress. SheKnows met up with all three beauties to partake in some girl talk. The hot topic at hand? Mother’s Day of course!

Though Busy told us her husband is in charge of Mother’s Day plans this year, all she really wants is for Birdie to shower her with kisses. This adorable sentiment begged the question: How do these women celebrate their own mothers in their real lives day in and day out?

Busy Phillips on Mother's Day advice

Busy Phillips
Busy Phillips recently walked the red carpet with her daughter Birdie, telling SheKnows that she hopes to pass down her own mother’s advice to Birdie as she grows up. “My mother always taught me to be true to myself.” It’s a classic tip and one always worth repeating.
Eva Mendes tells her mother's best lessons

Eva Mendes
When we asked Eva about her childhood and her mother growing up, she admitted that she constantly calls her mom to apologize for acting up. What does she appreciate most? “My mom would always tell me, ‘When in doubt, just laugh. Laugh at yourself and have everyone laugh with you.'”
After meeting up with Alicia at her launch event for Juice Beauty, it’s easy to see how she evolved into the eco-hero that she is today. When asked about the best advice she has received from her mother, Alicia said, “Not to waste. She was big on not wasting anything.”

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