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Sprucing up a gender-neutral nursery

If you waited until delivery to find out if your baby was a boy or a girl, you likely have a nursery that lacks any distinctly girly or boyish touches.

Read on for some ideas on how to add some accents to the room without altering the room’s overall design.

Now that you’ve brought your baby girl or boy home, you may yearn to add a few feminine or masculine decorative touches to your gender-neutral nursery. You likely don’t want to do a major overhaul — after all, gender-neutral nurseries are just as awesome as gender-specific ones — but there are a few ways to add a little “boy” or “girl” to your baby’s bedroom.

Work with colors

Don’t let your current color scheme stress you out.
Many gender-neutral nurseries feature the classic colors of green and yellow, although many modern moms have moved beyond those and have adopted other colors as gender-neutral, such as brown, white and navy.
The great news is that these colors can and do blend very well with colors that hint of a specific sex. Pink goes well with them, as do different shades of purple, blue and red.

Framed art

Framed art is an excellent way to add a boy or girl touch to your baby’s room. Choose a frame that matches the room’s decor or a wooden frame that matches her furniture.
Pick a print that has a feminine flair for your girl, such as flowers or fairies, or pick a fun pattern that features “girl” colors, such as pinks, purples or light pastels.
For a boy, pick a masculine motif, such as vehicles, dinosaurs or sports — these can be worked into the room easily and not look out of place.


Decor doesn’t have to be permanent. A few carefully-chosen items can give the room a new look. A new pillow for your rocking chair, for example, can be chosen with a boy or girl in mind. A bookshelf can feature a few girly or boyish knickknacks, or how about a stuffed bear with a tutu or a stuffed pirate dog?

More ideas

There are even more ways to adjust your baby’s room to match her a little better. Install a hanging hair bow rack, for example, or display your favorite girly outfit on the outside of her dresser. Rotate it every week if you desire — it can keep the design of the room fresh and fun. If you have a boy, hang up a pegboard for a few baseball hats that he can wear when he gets older.

Just because your nursery is gender neutral, it doesn’t mean it will always have to be that way. As your baby grows, he will naturally add to the decor of the room himself, so you can just sit back and watch the room take on his personality.

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