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A funny thing happened on the way to the bathroom…

It’s a common pee-ve of pregnancy: incontinence. Well, mom, you’re not the only one who needs to use maxi pads as diapers! Here’s what some nine-monthers shared.

“My husband makes fun of me because I sit on a ‘pee towel’ (as he calls it) when I’m watching TV at night. I haven’t had a lot of trouble, but every once in a while, if I sneeze or laugh too hard, here it comes.” – Chinabloo

“I squatted down to pick [my dog] up (because there is no bending over in your ninth month!) and as I stood up – gush! There I was in my bedroom, with a dog under my arm, in my undies and a bathrobe, with pee just coming outta me! I summoned all muscles possible to stop what was coming out and quickly went down to the bathroom… No use in crying about it…might as well just laugh!” – Staycie

“I have a cat named Merlin, and he is obsessed with water. I guess this morning he found a new game… I go into the bathroom seeking relief, and what do I find? A cat half way out of the toilet, gleefully dipping his paw in the water and scooping it out all over the seat, the floor and everything! He is soaked from paws to whiskers. I am laughing so hard, I am almost crying, holding my stomach because I have to pee sooo bad. I throw the cat out and try to get the seat dry enough so that I can use it.” – Beckie

“A couple of weeks ago at my doctor’s appointment, I was sent into the restroom to pee in the cup as usual. As I was pulling the cup up between my legs I caught the side of the cup on my pants. Most of it went down my left leg and all over my pants. I was mortified! I just sat there thinking, ‘I know this just didn’t happen…’ Luckily I had a little left in the cup, so I put it in the cabinet for the nurse and tried to clean myself up with wet paper towels.” – Jeannie

“Oh, the wonderful things that happen to us while we are pregnant! I love when pee trickles down my leg when I am on my way to the bathroom — often without any warning. I love that, if I roll onto my back, I suddenly have to pee like the second coming of the Noah’s ark flood. Ladies, I find great comfort in the fact that I am not the only one that needs to be re-potty-trained this late in life!” – Tara

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