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10 Things our kids’ preschool teachers want us to know

Do you ever wonder if there are things that your child’s preschool teacher wishes she could say to you? Well, there are many things and we found one preschool teacher who was willing to tell us exactly what she wishes she could say.

Here’s what “Miss J” would love for us to know…


In the morning when you drop off your child, staying there and babying them makes it worse. Just leave! If there is a problem, we will call you, but what actually happens when you walk out the door is that they cry for two minutes and then they go on about their day.

Potty training

Do you actually think your child’s teacher wants to wipe your 4-year-old child’s butt? Part of potty training your child is teaching them to wipe their own butt.


Candy, soda and donuts are not breakfast. Having breakfast in the morning is important, but giving them those things just causes a sugar high and then they crash.

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Your child mimics things you do. If you moan in bed, so does your child.


Feeding your child doesn’t help them. They need to learn how to eat and how to use a fork and spoon.

Good behavior

If your child hits, don’t look at me like it’s my fault. We do everything we can to make sure things don’t happen, but we can’t see everything. So we don’t always know why your child did it — we just want you to know it happened.

Poor behavior

Just because your child acts like a wild animal at home doesn’t always mean he does at school. When we tell you he’s great at school, believe us. Children know with whom they can get away with things and that usually is not us.


If you want your child to learn something, you have to support them as well. We only have so many hours a day to teach them, and if you don’t help at home, how do you think they will retain what they learn?

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They don’t need toys at school. There are more than enough things for them to play with at school. This is the most frustrating thing for your child to bring because they never want to share, but they have to show everyone they have it. Also, for some reason or another, it always ends up broken.


This is all your children truly need. Be there for them and support them. They need fathers who sit and listen to the activities of their day, mothers who join in and make crafts with them and parents who take the time to read them stories and act goofy with them. They deserve to help you make supper even though it takes twice as long and makes it twice as much work. They deserve to know that they’re a priority for you and that you truly love to be with them.

Our reaction

After reading through her list, we found that we’re guilty of a few of those things and we’re putting butt wiping at the top of our list.

Thank you, Miss J, for sharing your honest thoughts with us.

We agree–love is really the most important thing, but we promise to work on self-butt wiping, too.

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