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Our favorite Mother’s Day e-cards

Looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day card? You can’t get much faster than the internet! If you’re down to the wire with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got you covered with this awesome selection of the best e-card websites.

American Greetings

American Greetings Mother's Day e-card

Image: American Greetings

The greeting card giant American Greetings has a fabulous online selection of e-cards for every occasion, and their Mother’s Day e-cards do not disappoint. Many are animated with music and sound and they even have customizable ones for that truly personal touch.

You can have the e-cards sent to your recipient’s email address or even post to their Facebook timeline. You can add an Amazon gift card to any e-card as well, for a special touch.

They have a free trial available to users or you can become a paid member through the site.

Check out their wide selection here: American Greetings


Hallmark Mother's Day e-card

Image: Hallmark

Another well-known greeting card company that also has an extensive online collection of e-cards is Hallmark. They have free e-cards as well as those available only to subscribers.

They have many different styles of e-cards — funky, fresh, hip, trendy, classic, pretty, subtle, cool — whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find just the perfect one.

They also have animated options, complete with songs and sound, with space for you to write a heartfelt note.

Their Mother’s Day e-cards can be found here: Hallmark


If you have a deadpan sense of humor and aren’t easily offended, you might check out someecards. They are one of the more popular e-card providers for social media users, and as a bonus, all content is free and fabulously funny.

These e-cards are not meant to be used by those under 18, so choose your recipients carefully — and perhaps warn them to keep their little one’s eyes averted from the computer screen when they open them up.

As an added bonus, you can create your own e-card from their large library of provided pictures.

Check out someecards’ Mother’s Day favorites here: someecards


JibJab Mother's Day e-card

Image: JibJab

In the mood for a video, starring you? Look no further than JibJab, where you can upload a photo of your face and then watch it sing, dance and drive everyone into laughing fits.

They have e-cards for every occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception. They usually have at least one free video card for each holiday, but there are many more if you’re a paid member.

There is a slight learning curve — selecting the perfect picture to use can be a little frustrating, but once you get it uploaded and the background cut out, you can save your work and use the picture over and over and over again!

Check out JibJab’s Mother’s Day e-card collection here: JibJab

123 Greetings

123 Greetings Mother's Day e-card

Image: 123 Greetings

The site 123 Greetings is all free, all the time — in fact, their catch phrase is “Free greetings for the planet.” Their e-cards are easy to personalize, easy to send and easy for the recipient to play. You can write as much as you want on the card, including any special plans you have in store for Mom’s special day, such as a pedicure or a family brunch.

Find the perfect e-card for mom here: 123 Greetings

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