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Mom Blogger Face-off: Are you friends with your exes on Facebook?

Facebook is the new mom connector. Playdates, events, life updates, everything is shared on Facebook nowadays. It’s fun to reconnect and stayed connected with old and new friends. But are ex-boyfriends on your friend list too?

Moms facing off this week

Audrey McClelland, founder of Mom Generations, and her best friend Jacqui Stewart, founder Single Parent Retreat.

The scenario

OK, they either broke your heart.

Or you broke theirs.


Most of us have one, and let’s face it — we may not see them all the time, but we’ve probably thought about them through the years here and there.

I moved out of state after high school, so bumping into one was never really possible.

But… (drum roll, please) Facebook has made it possible to pretty much connect with anyone, anywhere.

So, the million dollar question this week…

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Question: Are you friends with your exes on Facebook?

Audrey McClelland

Mom Generations


I’m going to admit it, I’m totally friends with all my ex-boyfriends on Facebook. And I’ll even admit this, they were the ones that requested friendship first. (Just wanted to be clear.)

My husband’s also friends with his ex-girlfriends on Facebook, too.

Many people will ask me why I am. Truth be told, I’m actually friends with some of them now. We may have broken up, but I never ended on a bad note with an ex-boyfriend where I felt uncomfortable. All my ex-boyfriends are good guys, and we just weren’t meant to be.

When Facebook first emerged on the scene, of course I was curious as to what happened to many of them. Did they marry? Did they still live in Rhode Island? Did they have kids? You know, all the “hmm” questions. And the biggie, “How did they look?”

Come on, we’ve all been there. So for me, it was more of a “keeping in touch” type thing, and on good terms.

Not only that, it’s kind of fun to see where you are now in your life and think, “Oh yeah… I totally picked the right guy!”

Jacqui Stewart

The Single Parent Retreat


I would not want to be friends on Facebook with my ex for a variety of reasons, regardless of whether the split was mutual or not.

One being, I would not want him to know what is going on in my personal life unless I choose to share it. I would not want to know what he is doing with his current wife, because I think I would hate that it wasn’t me. If you are going to move on, I personally don’t think it is healthy to keep that connection as you can fall back into old routines.

No matter how mature I view myself, it boils down to… I’m a woman. Most women are notoriously good for holding onto feelings if there is still a connection, even if just through Facebook.

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