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Being a digital mom: 5 Ways to help promote other mom bloggers online

How can you promote and help other mom bloggers get noticed and help spread their content? Here are five ways to do it! It takes a village; it really does!

We’re all in this together

How can you promote and help other mom bloggers get noticed and help spread their content? Here are five ways to do it! It takes a village; it really does!

When I first started to blog back in 2005, there was one thing that kept crossing my mind every time I wrote a blog post: “How do I get people to read this?”

It’s that question that every mom blogger asks themselves.

You know how it goes. You think of something to write. You write it. You think it’s really good (or at least good enough to share). How does it get out into the big world-wide-web? How can you get other moms to read it?

Well, I’ll tell you, it’s a pretty simple answer — you rely on your mom blogging friends to help you.

I’ve believed this statement from the second I started blogging… we’re all in this together and there’s enough opportunities for everyone. There’s no need to be competitive and/or cutthroat. Helping each other out is the way we will all grow, and it will continuously help the mom blogging community gain momentum and visibility.

So how can you help promote other mom bloggers?

The more you help out, the more moms you’ll get to know. It never ceases to amaze me how there are some mom bloggers who truly understand and believe in the beauty of sharing. It’s an awesome thing to see! We all grow together and it takes a village.

Here are five different ways to get out into the community and do what you can to help your fellow moms — believe me, it’s easy to do!

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Oh, yes! A retweet can be a powerful and very helpful thing. When I’m on Twitter and see some of my fellow mom bloggers post content that they’ve just posted, I always retweet it. I love when people do the same for me, and it’s so helpful to know that their followers have the potential to click on over. It’s a simple thing, but it’s oh-so-helpful!



Commenting on blogs has taken a bit of a nose-dive, but I do think it’s an important and necessary thing to do. If one of your friends writes a compelling post or just writes something fun, leave a comment. It’s amazing to me, but one comment oftentimes can lead to many more. Once someone opens that “flood gate,” usually more follow. It helps a ton!


Facebook sharing

It’s very helpful to have someone share your post on their Facebook wall. I know this doesn’t always “fit” for everyone, but with fellow style/fashion mom bloggers, I love to share their content on my Mom Generations Facebook wall because it “fits” my content. I’ve loved it when people do the same for me. I always get new “likes” every time someone does this, and those are like gold!


YouTube video responses

These aren’t as easy as the others, but these are very helpful for mom bloggers who love to do video. Whenever someone does a video and publishes on YouTube, viewers have the opportunity to respond back with a video. I love doing this; it helps create more impressions on YouTube for the vlogger and (also) allows for additional content for you.


Pin away!

I’m seeing more and more moms share their content on Pinterest lately, which is genius! Re-pin or “like” away! Every time you do this, it will go in your stream on Pinterest and allow your followers to check out their content. It’s simple and can be so helpful.

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