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5 Strawberry basket crafts and activities

Warm weather brings baskets of bright red strawberries to your table, but before you toss that strawberry basket in the trash, it may entertain your kiddos for an afternoon.

From bubble wands to woven baskets, pick up these five strawberry basket crafts and activities to turn used plastic strawberry containers into a sweet spring and summer craft.

Bubble wand

A simple strawberry basket and your energetic kids are practically all you need for an afternoon bubblefest!


  • Strawberry baskets, rinsed and dried
  • Pie pan or shallow dish


  1. Gently mix dish soap, water and glycerin in an open container and let it “breathe” overnight.
  2. Pour small amount of bubble solution into pie pan or shallow dish.
  3. Dip bottom of strawberry basket into bubble solution.
  4. Have your kids hold tightly on to the strawberry basket and spin, run and wave the basket through the air to create bubbles that don’t require blowing!

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Paint stamping

Create fun, geometric shapes for an array of crafts with a strawberry basket and some paint, from keepsake aprons and T-shirts to colorful banners and posters!


  • Strawberry baskets, rinsed and dried
  • Paper plates
  • Paint (tempura or fabric paint)
  • T-shirt, apron, canvas bag, butcher paper or poster paper


  1. Pour paint of choice onto paper plates for easy clean-up.
  2. Help kids dip bottom of strawberry basket into the paint.
  3. Have youngsters stamp onto desired craft surface, such as a T-shirt, canvas tote or paper laid on a flat surface; be sure to cover your work surface with old newspapers or plastic first!
  4. Allow to dry and then embellish with jewels, wiggle eyes, glitter and add more painted details.

Hot air balloon

Your kids will get giddy over this strawberry basket hot air balloon craft that can display or carry toys and stuffed animals.


  • One strawberry basket, rinsed and dried
  • Ribbon or yarn
  • Small latex balloon


  1. Inflate balloon to desired size and tie off the end.
  2. Cut four lengths of ribbon or yarn and tie to the bottom of the balloon.
  3. Tie loose ends of the ribbon or yarn to the four top corners of the strawberry basket.
  4. Let your kiddos place small toy figures or stuffed animals into basket and pretend to take them on a hot air balloon ride!

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Critter cage

Your youngsters can give a toy or craft bug, mouse, bird or fairy a new home sweet home with a strawberry basket and a few odds and ends from around your house.


  • Two strawberry baskets, rinsed and dried
  • Pipe cleaners, twist ties, ribbon or yarn
  • Craft or toy animal, bug or fairy
  • Pom poms, colorful tissue paper, small sticks or odds and ends from around the house


  1. Stack two strawberry baskets open end to open end and secure one side with a pipe cleaner, twist tie, small length of ribbon or piece of yarn like a hinge.
  2. Open up the two baskets and decorate with craft items like pom poms, colorful, crumpled gift tissue paper or a small perch-like stick to make your “guest” comfortable.
  3. Place toy or craft critter into cage and close.
  4. Secure side opposite of hinge with another length of ribbon or a pipe cleaner to give your kids easy access to their little friend in his or her new home!

Basket weaving

Whether you’re adorning these flexible baskets in holiday themes or just jazzing up these same plastic containers for storage, transforming a plain strawberry basket can jazz up any kids’ space.


  • Two strawberry baskets, rinsed and dried
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Sequins, pom poms or foam stickers
  • Pipe cleaners


  1. Using a weaving technique, let your little ones weave a length of ribbon in and out of the holes on the strawberry basket, covering as much or as little as your child chooses.
  2. Secure ends of the ribbon with glue.
  3. Embellish the baskets with craft supplies, such as sequins, pom poms or more and let dry completely.
  4. Optional: Tie an additional length of ribbon or pipe cleaner to opposite sides on the top of the basket to create a handle.

Couple these five strawberry crafts and activities with learning by visiting a u-pick farm like these ones in Wisconsin or Mississippi. You’ll not only be reinforcing the concept of recycling with your kids, but they’ll also learn about a real working farm or orchard!

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