Are you a controversial mom?

If you were a celeb, would you be in the headlines for feeding your baby with your mouth (Alicia Silverstone), ingesting your placenta (January Jones) or breastfeeding in public (Beyonce)? Here are some of the most “scandalous” parental news stories in recent months.

Every parent has their own habits and preferences when it comes to how they choose to raise their children. Maybe you’re a controversial mom, but you keep your parenting strategies to yourself. The choices of celebrity parents, however, are out there for the world to see (although some of them do offer up more info than we ever needed to know). Here are some of the most squirm-inducing and news-making headlines of late.

Om nom nom nom

Admit it. You can’t help but throw up a little bit in your mouth when you see mama birds feed their baby birds food they’ve already chewed up for them. Even so, it’s part of nature. They don’t exactly have spoons to deposit some pureed worms into their little babies’ beaks. But Alicia Silverstone does have utensils at her disposal. She just chooses not to use them, as demonstrated by the video she posted on her website of premasticating food and passing it directly into her son Bear Blu’s mouth – like a bird.

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Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got placenta in my tummy

Anyone who’s taken a parenting class can vividly recall the birth video – and the moment that the placenta was delivered. It’s big, it’s liver-like and it just followed the baby through the birth canal. For celebrity parent January Jones, that’s apparently a delicacy she wasn’t prepared to trash. She now consumes her own dehydrated placenta in supplement form. While she isn’t exactly noshing down on her placenta like a piece of meat, you gotta admit, this is one of those parenting strategies that’s, well, a little tough to swallow.

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Flashing the paparazzi

Celeb moms who breastfeed give new meaning to “flashing” the paparazzi – nursing mamas proudly wield their instruments of nutrition to feed their beautiful babes, and they don’t care if they’re in public or not. At least some don’t – moms like Beyonce, Mayim Bialik, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Angelina Jolie all breastfeed boldly and in the face of dissenters. Unfortunately, new mom Alyssa Milano admits to opting for expressed milk for her nursing babe when out in public, feeling awkward around paparazzi and the judging crowds.

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