Adoption photos: The moment I became a mom

For moms whose families were created or expanded through adoption, few things are as emotional as meeting her child for the first time. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve gathered special photos of those first moments – a precious few seconds shared between a mom and the newest member of her family.

Laura and Mattix adoption photo

Laura Willard, SheKnows Parenting editor and mom of two, pictured with Mattix, who was born in Vietnam

“I will never have the words to capture what I thought and what I felt when I held Mattix for the first time. It had been nine long months since we first saw his photo and were told he would be our son – we spent many of those months uncertain of what would happen. Nine months of waiting, 24 hours of air travel, a few hours of sleep and eight hours in a van… and then I was finally holding him. He was perfect and beautiful and scared and uncertain and untrusting.

I knew all of those things immediately. I also knew that I was luckier than I deserved. I promised him I’d love him forever and do the best I possibly could. It has been just over four years and I still look at him – a perfect and beautiful and confident and loving and very certain 5-year-old – and wonder what I could have possibly done to deserve him.”