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15 Organic Mother’s Day gifts

Being a green mom isn’t always easy, but a few earth-friendly gift ideas show your mom you appreciate her love for Mother Nature. From eco-friendly terrariums to organic chocolates and treats, discover 15 organic Mother’s Day gifts.

15 Organic Mother's Day gifts

Handmade terrarium

Kid-assembled gardens in a jar, especially a recycled glass container, make an organic gift that will please the most eco-conscious moms.

Organic reusable tote

A heavyweight, unbleached organic cotton canvas tote is the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for hauling groceries, crafts or even kids’ toys to the park.

Low-maintenance plants

Indoor plants such as bamboo and succulents make a good environmentally-friendly gift even for moms who don’t boast a green thumb.

Organic bicycles

Give moms who love the earth an eco-friendly way to get around with her kiddos on a bamboo-framed bike.

Dried herb or flower wreath

Kiddos can help dry fragrant floras to fashion into an organic wreath that will last for many Mother’s Days to come.

Organic and fair trade chocolates

Chocolates made from organically grown cocoa are a sweet way to celebrate the pure love only a mom can give.

Homemade body scrub

Combine Epsom salt or organic sugar with a few drops of essential oils and a cup of carrier oil for a quick, organic Mother’s Day gift idea that will whisk her troubles away.

Organic silk bamboo pajamas

Help moms drift off to dreamland with organic silk bamboo jammies that are both soft and natural.

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