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15 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Bound to Impress

The Mother Lode

As a kid, did you ever ask your mom what she wanted for Mother’s Day only to be told, “Just make me something”? Back in the day, you could easily accomplish that with a crayon-scribbled card or a craft stick picture frame. But now that you’ve outgrown the macaroni necklace stage of life, it’s a little harder to make something your mom would love (although, let’s be real — she would probably still love a macaroni necklace). But don’t resort to buying a bouquet and calling it a day just yet — because we’ve gathered 15 DIY Mother’s Day gifts that are so impressive, you’ll be guaranteed a spot in the Favorite Child Hall of Fame.

So, roll up your sleeves, break out the scissors and glue, and be prepared to watch mom’s jaw drop when she hears your grown-ass self say proudly, “Look, Ma. I made this!”

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Gemstone soap DIY

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: Gemstone Soap DIY
Image: Honestly WTF

This gemstone soap DIY from Honestly WTF makes gorgeous, colorful soaps that are almost too beautiful to use. You’ll just need food coloring, whatever essential oils you like, clear and opaque soap bases and plastic cups. You can tailor these to your mom’s personality by using her favorite scents and colors to create a one-of-a-kind soap she’ll save for those special take-a-bottle-of-wine-into-the-bathtub home spa nights.

DIY metal moon phases wall hanging

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Metal Moon Phases Wall Hanging
Image: Mr. Kate

Add some bohemian style your mom’s bedroom with this DIY metal moon phases wall hanging from Mr. Kate. It’s deceptively simple to make using thin sheet metal, chain and scissors — and it only takes a few minutes to assemble. So… you’ll have just enough time to make another one for yourself.

DIY gilded agate coasters

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Gilded Agate Coasters
Image: Style Me Pretty

How many times growing up did you hear, “Put a coaster under that!” Now, you can give your mom the gift of a water ring-free tabletop and prove you listened (sometimes) by making these classy DIY gilded agate coasters. They take 10 minutes to make, tops — and are hella classy.

DIY marbled clay trinket dish

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Marbled Clay Trinket Dish
Image: A Beautiful Mess

Give your mom a dreamy little dish to put all her trinkets in with this DIY marbled clay trinket dish from the sister team behind A Beautiful Mess. Choose your mom’s favorite colors — and bonus: Maybe now she won’t always have to dump out her entire purse to find her keys/glasses/keys. Not that I’m talking about my own mom here or anything.

Graphic planter DIY

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: Graphic Planter DIY
Image: 4 Men, 1 Lady

Every home needs a pop of color, and this super-easy graphic planter DIY adds just that. Include the perfect houseplant, and voilà; you’re even cleansing the air she breathes.

DIY ombré notebook cover

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Ombre Notebook Cover
Image: Damask Love

Do you know any moms who cover every surface with Post-its and/or scribble notes on napkins? With this DIY ombré notebook cover, you can give your mom a spot to put every to-do list, reminder and passing thought — and it’s beautiful to boot.

DIY monogram key chains

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Monogram Key Chains
Image: Homeyohmy

Don’t have a crafty bone in your body? Fear not! These DIY monogram key chains are straightforward and completely foolproof. Minimalist, chic and perfect for Mom — she’ll be reminded of you (her favorite child, obviously) every time she pulls out her keys.

DIY faux-ceramic napkin holders

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Faux Ceramic Napkin Holders
Image: Almost Makes Perfect

For the mom who loves to entertain, these DIY faux-ceramic napkin holders are the perfect gift, combining fashion and function. Plus, they’re versatile enough that she can bust them out for fancy holidays or just elevate plain-old Monday night dinner.

Hanging lounge chair DIY

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: Hanging Lounge Chair DIY
Image: The Merry Thought

For the DIY professional, this hanging lounge chair is a little more complicated, but it definitely makes a statement. And what mom doesn’t deserve a cozy place to lounge? No porch, no worries: This hanging chair can double as an indoor reading nook.

Marbled jewelry box DIY

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: Marbled Jewelry Box DIY
Image: Annabode

This marbled jewelry box DIY starts with an empty cigar box and transforms with only a few items into a to-die-for jewelry box that’s perfect for safely storing all your mom’s fancy baubles — you know, so you’ll have an easier time borrowing them.

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Color-blocked frosted tumblers

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: Color Blocked Frosted Tumblers
Image: Vicky Barone

Nothing says Mother’s Day like these peachy color-blocked frosted tumblers. They require only three items — tumblers, tape and frosted paint — and make for a high-impact gift you can pull off with almost no effort. (Shh… we won’t tell it was easy.) Pair these with her favorite bottle of wine for bonus points.

DIY Instagram calendar

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Instagram Calendar
Image: A Beautiful Mess

If your mom is on Instagram, at some point you’ve probably gotten a why-haven’t-you-liked-my-photo-I-posted-three-seconds-ago text from her. Well, do you have a printer? Then show her you do like her blurry photos of your dog — by making this DIY Instagram calendar from A Beautiful Mess.

DIY fern-print tea towel

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Fern Print Tea Towel
Image: Ukkonooa

With a simple linen tea towel, fabric paint and a fern, (or any plant you’d like) this DIY fern-print tea towel is a pretty (and eco-friendly) alternative to paper towels. Try doing the print with your mom’s favorite leaf or flower for an added personal touch.

Marbled spray paint planter

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: Marbled Spray Paint Planter
Image: Vintage Revivals

I mean, look at that. Look at that. This marbled spray paint planter is gorgeous, super-elegant and most important, so, so easy to make. Your mom is sure to appreciate it — although she might have a hard time prying it out of your hands.

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DIY clay wind chimes

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: DIY Clay Wind Chimes
Image: Design Sponge

Is there anything more peaceful than the sound of wind chimes? Give your mom the music of a breezy summer day with these DIY clay wind chimes that can be easily customized with different colored paints or added details like clay balls or charms.

DIY mother's day gifts for crafty moms
Image: Getty Images/Almost Makes Perfect/The Merry Thought/Design:Ashley Britton/SheKnows

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