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Celeb bump day: Anna Paquin, Melissa Joan Hart, Drew Barrymore

Is Drew Barrymore pregnant?

Drew Barrymore

So, Drew Barrymore hasn’t “officially” confirmed her pregnancy, but we are so hoping this is true! The 37-year-old actress has been sporting what appears to be a baby bump — but it could also be a big lunch (if so, sorry Drew, we love ya!). The Big Miracle started the baby bump watch when she was spotted leaving a doctor’s office holding what appeared to be an ultrasound.

Drew was spotted here leaving the Ritz hotel in Paris, France, wearing a loose-fitting gray sweater (and we think we can make out a baby bump!) layered under a green jacket.

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Drew is engaged to art consultant Will Kopelman, and they are reportedly planning a summer wedding.

“She wants to get married before the baby comes but doesn’t want to be a huge,” a source told Us Magazine.

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