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Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas That Are Actually Family-Friendly

Cinco de Mayo activities for kids

Cinco de Mayo activities
Image: Amy Vowles/SheKnows

Teach your child Spanish

With the help of music, games or flash cards, you can easily teach your kids how to count to 10 or learn basic colors.

Cinco de Mayo crafts for kids

Kids will love creating these simple yet fun Cinco de Mayo crafts.

Crack open a piñata

Fill a homemade or store-bought piñata with candy, stickers or other age-appropriate items, and then allow your children to crack it open with a stick or baseball bat, while taking turns.

Tip: Make sure you hang your piñata in a wide-open space with plenty of swinging and running room!

Do a Mexican hat dance

The Mexican hat dance is a cultural tradition — and a fun activity for the whole family!

What you’ll need:

  • Sombrero
  • Mexican music

What you’ll do:

  1. Have everyone stand in a circle holding hands.
  2. Play the music while everyone walks sideways in a clockwise direction.
  3. Call out one person’s name.
  4. That person is to come to the center of the circle and dance around the sombrero until the next person’s name is called.
  5. When the person in the middle’s turn is up, they should rejoin the circle.

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