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What hasn’t changed since you became a parent?

Every parent can name a number of ways parenthood has changed them. But have you ever stopped to consider the ways you haven’t changed since becoming a parent?

Do you still
sleep with your teddy bear?

Every parent can name a number of ways parenthood has changed them. But have you ever stopped to consider the ways you haven’t changed?

A recent British study found 35 percent of adults still sleep with a teddy bear. So it begs the question: What other habits have adults refused to give up, even though they now have kids in the house?

It’s OK if you don’t change

Many people think parenting is going to change them into a completely different person. In some ways, it does. You develop good habits: You’re more responsible, more aware and more conscious of your actions. But there are certain cases where the old you just hasn’t let go — and probably never will. But this reluctance or refusal to change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Maybe you still don’t want to share your pizza or you still bogart the remote control. Parenting is a tough job. Who can blame you for holding on to a few vices so you can stay sane?

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Parent confessions

Maybe you need to rock out to AC/DC to clear your head. Maybe your refusal to compromise on your weekly bubble bath is your singular “bad habit.” Real parents confess about how they haven’t changed since taking on the role of “mom.”

“I still eat the last cookie without feeling guilty.”
~ Mary, mom of two

“I couldn’t allow an attitude that being a parent precluded me from being a kid myself. No kid should have a parent that secretly resents what was given up so that the child could be. So, I took time to have experiences for myself and didn’t feel selfish for it.” ~ Chiloh, mom of one

“Passion for our profession. And yes, we still sneak the last cookie sometimes.” ~ The experts at MDMoms

“Trying to squeeze time in for exercise — and eating cookie dough! Yes, I’m aware those things cancel each other out!” ~ Kim, mom of two

“I still watch the same shows on TV. The only one I can’t bring myself to watch with my son in the room is True Blood.” ~ Kristin, mom of a 1-year-old

“Creativity is the biggest thing that hasn’t changed since becoming a mom!” ~ The moms at Mommybites

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What makes you a good parent

Whether or not you still sleep with a teddy bear, holding on to the “you” you used to be is actually a benefit for your children. Often, it’s the things you don’t change about yourself your children appreciate and love the most. And, in the process, you’re teaching them they don’t have to compromise on what means the most to them.

Just remember: Your children open up your world. They will introduce you to things you never would have noticed, and they will make you change for the better. Let yourself be open to the shift — it will make you a better person. But no one says you have to hand over the remote control.

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