What I’m loving this week: 5 Fabulous steamy reads for moms

Looking for some steamy reads for the summer? Loose yourself in these fabulous summer beach reads.

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Looking for some steamy reads for the summer? Lose yourself in these fabulous summer beach reads.

Before I had my sons, I would read every single night for about an hour. My night table always had a stack of books on it, ranging from mystery to romance and from fantasy to family sagas. I loved losing myself in a book before bed. Funny enough — it always made me sleep better.

I’ve instilled my love of reading in my sons. Every single night before they go to bed, we reads books. We all pile on my bed or in theirs and read away! I let each boy pick out a book — so we go through four books every night. They absolutely love it, and I think it makes them sleep better, too. They’re relaxed heading to bed, and they’re ready for a good night’s sleep.

I have to be honest, though: Since becoming a mother, my personal reading time has completely changed.

Gone are the days of reading before bed every night. Now, I like to relax on the couch in front of the TV when the boys are in bed (watching reality TV — horrible, I know!).

But… things have been changing lately, thanks to some really, really, really good, steamy books. I’m all about characters and storylines that draw me in and don’t let me go. I want to feel invested in a book, but I also need — and want — it to be a quick read. I’ve been searching high and low for books like these, and I’ve found them!

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What am I loving this week?

Here are five of my summer reads:

Daisy’s Back in Town

I fell in love with Rachel Gibson’s books about two years ago. She writes books that are relatable and current, which I love about her style. One of her newest is Daisy’s Back in Town. I love how Rachel immediately makes you fall for Daisy and how you begin rooting for her from the beginning. This book is magnetic and will leave you smiling and loving love!

Happily Ever After

I’m a lover of a good book series! Nora Roberts’ Happily Ever After (Bridal Quartet) will mesmerize you! You follow four brides-to-be (also best friends) follow their hearts throughout these books. They’re hot. They’re romantic. They’re frustratingly good because you don’t want to put them down! Perfect vacation reads!


Danielle Steel is an icon when it comes to steamy romantic reads. Her newest book Betrayal (came out March 27) delivers like crazy. I’m a Danielle Steel junkie, but I’m not always in love with her books. This one? I loved. You will get lost in a mystery/romantic Hollywood world and be raptured by Tallie Jones.

Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

OK, moms, these books are hot to trot, so be ready! You want steamy? You’re getting steamy. The reason I’m loving the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy is because at the core of these books is a love story you can’t put down. It’s thrilling, sad, twisted and lovely all at the same time. It sucked me in — and I read the three books (over 1,000 pages on my NOOK) in four days! This is the perfect spring/summer read under the sun — or under your covers!

The Marriage Bargain

I love a good romantic struggle. You know, something that really pulls at your heart strings. I love that with Jennifer Probst’s books, you can literally bang through one book in an afternoon. I was so into Alexa’s story in The Marriage Bargain, and I love that about Jennifer’s writing. I recommend taking this book with you on a flight or a train ride — you’ll be done in a couple of hours! And don’t worry, there is a “happily ever after.” I also recommend anything by Jennifer Probst!

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