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Why we love the Sony Handycam

In the digital age, home videos are the new family photo album. Capture life’s magic at a moment’s notice with our favorite camcorder, the Sony Handycam.

Sony handycam PJ260V

Image courtesy of Sony

We can’t help falling head over heels for the new Sony Handycam PJ260V, which provides an amazing array of top-quality features in a tight little package.

Take your videos to the next level

Remember the grainy, fuzzy videos from your childhood where it was sometimes hard to tell whether that was Uncle Joe or Master Yoda in the background? Those days are now long gone. With the latest technology from Sony, fuzz is out and high def is in. You can be confident that all your memories will be recorded in stunning clarity with 1920 x 1080 high definition resolution. And what’s more? The Wind Reduction feature provides excellent sound quality by reducing any noise and interference for a cleaner audio experience.

Jump into action

If wobbly images make you dizzy, you are in for a treat. This camcorder’s ability to film smooth video is unbelievable. Get superb picture stability with Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, which does an amazing job at compensating for any camera shake while you film.

Quick tip

Make your next family party into an impromptu film festival with your Sony Handycam. Take time to shoot some fun footage during the first half of the party and then dim the lights and use the projector for a sneak peek of a movie starring all your favorite actors — your family.

Put the world in the palm of your hand

Perfectly portable, the Sony Handycam is simple to bring along on any of life’s special moments. With an incredible 16GB embedded Flash Memory, you won’t have to stop filming because it stores up to four hours of video footage. Want to capture some still shots while your camera is rolling? The Sony Handycam’s got your back. It’s a cinch to take beautiful photos without ever having to stop filming.

Crystal clear images

A real standout feature of the Sony Handycam is the new Wide Angle G lens, which delivers crystal clear images, brilliant color and amazing details. For on-the-go shooting, the Extended Zoom lens and superb optics let you get even closer to the action so you never have to leave any story untold.

Project home movies anywhere

You don’t need to buy a separate projector to show off your latest home videos with the Sony Handycam. With a built-in projector and stereo speakers, you can project your mobile movies on the go. Just aim your camcorder at a blank wall, ceiling or even the roof of your car and you can project a 100-inch diagonal image anywhere.

Make professionally edited films

Love the look of professionally edited films? The Highlight Playback feature makes video editing a breeze by doing the work for you. It will compile key scenes into a perfectly polished short film by trimming the excess and adding transitions, music and other special effects.

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