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Take it or leave it? Best times to grab your video camera

A video camera is great to have — you’ll find that some moments just can’t be captured with photos. But sometimes, your video camera is just something else to lug around. Here are our picks for the best times to be sure you have your video camera on hand.

woman video recording

First steps

There’s no way to catch those first wobbly footsteps with a regular camera. Photos can help, but they just don’t give you the whole feeling of the moment. When you watch it back on video, you feel the excitement and anticipation and you see every joyous expression on that child’s face as he or she maneuvers across the room.

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Babbling babies

There’s nothing that can warm your heart as fast as your little one saying “mama.” Make sure to get it on video, as well as some more babbling and jumbled phrases. Be sure to capture a song or two and have your child say anything else he or she does that makes your heart happy. You’ll be thankful to have the opportunity to go back and listen to that sweet little voice whenever you want.

Riding a bike

The first time your child rides a bike alone, without training wheels, is a big deal. Catch it on video along with any crashes that come before or after. Your child will like to watch him or herself and you’ll like to hear yourself cheer for him or her years down the road.

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Dance recitals

These tapes will be some of your favorites. Whether you child’s two years old and barely knows any of the steps or fourteen and rocking out every move, you’ll love to go back and watch him or her shine.

Sporting events

Videos of sporting events may take a bit of photo editing, but you’ll be glad you have them. There probably won’t be a time when you want to go back and rewatch the entire game, but there may be a moment when your son or daughter becomes the star of the team and makes a big move. You’ll want it recorded and you may not be fast enough with a camera. Go back through and edit all of the boring parts out, keeping only the plays you want to see again.

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You never know what’s going to happen at a wedding, so stay on the safe side and keep that camera rolling. There’s always a chance that someone will misspeak, someone will trip, a child will take off running at the wrong moment or a phone with an incredibly inappropriate ringtone will ring. Of course, you want to capture all those beautiful, loving moments as well. The same goes for the reception — there’s just too much of a chance of great moments to ever stop recording. Go back later and edit out all the uneventful moments to create a great video compilation of the event.

Let us know

What’s the moment you’re so glad you recorded (or the one you’ll always wish you had)? Leave a comment below!

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