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What to do with your home videos after you take them

The family vacation is over, but the fun doesn’t have to end. Make the magic last forever with stunning home videos. Then, learn creative ways you can share them with your family and friends.

couple watching new family video footage

If you have a video camera, chances are you have oodles of old home videos just hanging around on your computer. Instead of leaving them to lurk on your hard drive forever, how about transforming them into a professionally edited highlight reel, making a video to commemorate a special occasion, creating a video blog or simply sharing with your friends on Facebook? Keep the memories alive while you discover fun and unique ways to share your family home videos.

Hit the big screen immediately

You’re still on vacation, but the kids are dying to see all your greatest adventures on the big screen. Don’t make the magic wait! Equipped with the latest technology, some home video cameras like the Sony Handycam now come with their own video projector so you can show off your latest highlights right there on the hotel wall. Booyah!

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Get professional

Uncut videos can be a little ho-hum to watch, especially when your twin 5-year-olds were the ones with the most camera time. Turn your home video into an exciting blockbuster with video editing software. Now you can cut out all those close-ups of the cat’s litter box and your son wiping his nose on your curtains and add professional effects like intros, outros, music, voice-over, wipes, transitions and even correct problematic lighting.

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Make a highlight reel

Splice together several years’ worth of family events to make a highlight reel. You can do this just for fun or to commemorate someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding or a family reunion.

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Create a family video blog

Why spend hours editing your movies if you aren’t going to share them with the world? Consider creating a family video blog to share all your adventures with your family and friends. Feeling a little camera shy? You can always password protect your blog so that only invited guests can view posts.

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Share on Facebook

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of designing a family blog, you can still share your video memories with loved ones on Facebook or other social networking sites. Some camcorders even feature a share button now, which makes uploading your video memories to any social media site as simple as one-two-three.

Back them up on external storage drive

As with all digital media, make sure to back up your videos on an external hard drive. Get speedy performance, a sleek design and plenty of storage space with the Sony 500GB External Hard Disk Drive.

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