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Being a digital mom: Why it’s important to attend blog conferences

Blogging conferences are one of the best ways to get out there and actually meet people in the mom blogging community. It’s not always easy to get away, but it’s essential.

Blogging: Up close
and personal

Blogging conferences are one of the best ways to get out there and actually meet people in the mom blogging community. It’s not always easy to get away, but it’s essential.

The first blogging conference I attended as a mom blogger was BlogHer in Chicago in 2009. I remember being terrified to go. I only knew a handful of mom bloggers, and I wasn’t sure what to expect — at all. On top of that, I was sad — and feeling guilty — leaving my sons and my husband for four days. I kept thinking, “Will this really be worth the time away and the money spent?”

It was. Immensely.

I left the conference thinking to myself, “Yeah… this blogging is possible to do and possible to do for a living.” It changed my way of thinking and fueled me in a way I can’t quite describe. The conference did that to me — with the energy, the passion, the comaraderie.

Three years later, which in the blogging world is a really long time, blogging conferences are hotter than ever. The great thing about blogging and social media conferences now is there are so many incredible and beneficial events for bloggers to attend. Back in 2009, the four biggies for mom bloggers were: BlogHer, BlogWorld, SXSW and Blissdom. Now in 2012, there are conferences monthly that are pertinent for mom bloggers. The social media waters for the digital mom have catapulted, and bringing it offline at a conference is one of the best things to do.

Why is it important to attend blogging conferences?

There are dozens of reasons to attend conferences. I know they aren’t the easiest thing to be able to swing into your schedule and pay for, but I do think they are worth attending, at the very least, once a year.

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Here are three of my most important reasons:

Real life connections

It’s one thing to be chatting away with someone all day on Twitter, Facebook, Skype and your blog, but it’s a whole different ballgame when you meet IRL (in real life). There’s a person behind the voice, and it’s a powerful and magical thing to bring “her” out. You can’t put a price on finally being able to meet people and get that face-to-face interaction. It makes your online relationships even stronger.


There is so much rich and important information shared at blogging conferences. You get the chance to listen to your blogging peers speak about their expertise, their passions and their experiences. Beyond that, you’re also listening to strategists and leaders in the social media world, and their advice/tips are invaluable. Soak it up. You’ll leave knowing more about the social media world — every aspect of it — and you’ll feel ready to go take on the world!


There’s no better place for a mom blogger to network than at a blogging conference. You have the (easy) ability to meet the faces/names behind brands and companies you love, and you have the opportunity to connect and meet influential people in the mom blogging field. Your mom blogging business has the ability to change and grow immensely by networking with “these” people. For me, this is the most important reason to attend blogging conferences.

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