Reality TV moms: The good, the bad, the controversial

If you’re a reality television fanatic, surely you’re familiar with these moms.

Some are celebrities in their own right who also have reality shows, and some are all reality, all the time. Either way, we love watching them battle the ins and outs of motherhood. Here are some reality TV moms we’ve been watching.

Tori Spelling

She was already on the “love her” list, and with her recent announcement she and husband, Dean McDermott are expecting their fourth child, Tori Spelling is a reality TV mom who you can’t help but want to watch. Mom to Liam (age 5), Stella (age 3) and Hattie (age 3 months), Tori puts it all out there when it comes to parenting on television, and we appreciate her honesty. She’s relatable, funny and an oversharer — the perfect combination for reality TV mom success!

Kate Gosselin

We could easily dub Kate Gosselin as leading the movement for moms on reality television shows, although it’s a little tougher to pin down if she falls under the category of good, bad or controversial. All of America certainly fell in love with the Gosselin family — Kate, her then-husband, Jon, and their eight children. But as life in front of the camera seemed to unravel the Gosselins’ marriage, Kate was hit with some hard-hitting opinions from the public who turned from fans to haters in the blink of a reality TV eye.

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Bethenny Frankel

Newest to the reality TV mom club is Bethenny Frankel, mom to Bryn, who has catapulted her way to stardom over the past couple of years and all in front of the watchful eyes of other moms across the country. Not only does Bethenny make us laugh with her hilarious, somewhat obsessive-compulsive parenting style, but her connection and overwhelming love for her daughter is completely endearing to viewers. Bethenny is sure to be the reality mom to keep a close eye on — we’re certain there’s much more in store for her, and it will surely all be captured for us to watch!

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Kourtney Kardashian

Where motherhood meets chic — that’s where you’ll find reality TV mom Kourtney Kardashian. Mom to Mason and expecting a baby girl in early summer, we’re all surprised that despite the sky-high heels and designer duds, Kourtney is actually quite sensible as a mother — and dare we say, even a bit crunchy!

On TV, we clearly see Kourtney is dedicated to things such as breastfeeding (Mason breastfed exclusively for the first six months of his life, according to Kourtney’s blog) and only keeping non-toxic, “green” toys in her home.

We’ll all be watching with bated breath as Kourtney and her long-time boyfriend, Scott Disick, take on life as parents of two young children in the coming months.

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