Playful treats for play time

Snack time should never be boring! Liven up your snack time (and your kids’ appetites) with these playful snack ideas.

Funny fruit face

Create on your plate

Fruits and vegetables are bright and colorful, so put that beautiful palette to use. Use cut-up pieces of fruits, veggies, cheeses and crackers to form rainbows, butterflies, animals and other creatures, cars, trains and houses — anything your tot enjoys. Even though it’s the same food, they’ll down every bit when it’s in a shape they find appealing.

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Quick tip: Take it outside! Turn any boring snack into an adventure by making it a picnic!

Get artsy

Did you know that lots of foods can double as art materials? Fruits and veggies make great stamps, especially celery and apples. Cut the celery off the stalk and cut an apple in half. Serve up the edible portion of the celery and one half of the apple (sliced) with a side of peanut butter for snacking. Use the bottom of the celery stalk and the other half of the apple as stamps to play with paint. Other foods that work great for painting include potatoes, halved peppers and cauliflower. Keep watch and make sure your kids don’t mix up the painting veggies with the snacking ones!

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Beautiful bread

Let your kids help with this one! Use cookie cutters to cut bread slices into fun shapes, then spread butter, peanut butter, hazelnut spread or any other favorite spread all over one side. Hand your kids a jar of sprinkles and let them decorate their own bread shapes.

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Dip it

Kids love to play with their food, so give them the green light. Set up a smorgasbord of fruits, vegetables, pretzels and crackers. Give them small bowls of yogurt, peanut butter, hummus and ranch dressing for dipping. They’ll have tons of fun and eat healthy foods you usually have to beg them to taste.

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