Chasing the Dream: You need a dream board

Last summer, a friend on Facebook mentioned she was making a new dream board, and I thought to myself, “What the heck is that?” So I asked. Then I made my own. And guess what? It worked!

A dream board, sometimes called a vision board, is a collage of your hopes and dreams, laid out so you can see at a glance what you are aiming for. (Psst! That’s mine, above.) Here’s why all moms with dreams should make them too, and find out what it will do for you.

My first dream board

When I created my first dream board, I wasn’t sure what to put on it. But that was the whole point — using this visualization, I was able to cut through my mind jumble and find my dream. What I wanted was a happy, joyful life for my kids, along with work success and a life by the beach.

Now, about eight months later, I have accomplished many of the goals on that board. Score!

You should make one, too.

What is a dream board?

Jenny Fenig, a coach, mentor and yoga instructor who created the Retreat for Goddesses, teaches women how to go for their dreams. “Vision boards are an essential tool for moms with big dreams because it allows them to get their dreams out of their heads and make them into something tangible. The act of going inside to see what they want is so revealing and transformative that many of my clients are shocked by what they discover,” says Fenig.

Why should you create a dream board?

The visual aspect of the dream board is huge for helping us see our dreams even as our days are filled with carpool lanes, soccer practices and ballet classes. But why should you create one? I asked Fenig, and she shared three big benefits:


“You’re sending a message to the universe that you believe in the power of your personal dreams, that you are worth it and you are willing to do something about it.”


“You are getting out of your head. The board lets you see where you are going, and it lets you see the end result — you’re more apt to do it when you know.”


“It sends everybody in your immediate circle a message of what you want. If you have a partner for your children, they see this is what mommy likes. Maybe your kids will want to do their own board.”

Where to put it?

When I made my first dream board, I kept it private. But I shouldn’t have. Fenig says it’s important your dream board is very visible. “You’ve got to hang it up, and look at it. Your board should equally excite you and scare the crap out of you,” she says.

Since talking to her, I’ve kept mine close at hand and look at it often during the day. It motivates me a lot. After all, as Fenig points out, creating the board is just step one in the process. “You must then go take action. You can’t just create the board and expect your dream to just come true. Then what you must do is act. Get out there, and do something about it,” says Fenig.

Try it

To make your vision board, start with poster board or a corkboard. Clip images from magazines that represent your dreams and affix them to the board. Then, put it somewhere you see it often.


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