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What I’m loving this week: 5 Great iPhone apps for busy moms

What are the best iPhone apps for busy moms? Here’s my go-to top five list!

there’s an app for that

What are the best iPhone apps for busy moms? Here’s my go-to top five list!

I’m kind of addicted to my iPhone.

I’ll admit it: I never thought I would be, but I totally am.

It’s not just the texting. It’s not just Facebook. It’s not just Twitter. It’s not just FaceTime. And it’s not just the built in GPS.

I’ve become addicted to my apps. My personal apps.

As a busy mom of four, I’ve become programmed (pun intended) to having my life — our calendar, our schedules, our appointments, everything — in my phone. My phone is the mecca of the McClelland family. Everything that’s going on with us — yeah… it’s in my phone.

So what am I loving this week? My apps.

I have a handful of apps that have made my life easier. As a digital mom and professional blogger, I’ve come to depend on certain apps that make my home and work life better. It’s a pretty cool thing when a simple iPhone app can go such a long way.

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Here are my five faves this week:


Instant Playdates

As a busy mom, it’s tough to keep track of when you’re free for a playdate. Things can change in a split second. I love Instant Playdates because you can instantly plan play dates with your friends. You just import your Facebook friends and let them know where you are and when you’ll be there! Easy as can be.


Awesome Note

My sons laugh at me because I am addicted to Awesome Note. This app keeps my life organized and on track. I could gush about this app all day. You can make list after list and have everything organized in one spot. It’s the ultimate mom organizer! Every mom wants to clone themselves… you won’t need to anymore!



I’m currently training for a half marathon and have been using Runmeter nearly every single day! If you work out, you need this. Runmeter tracks all your information — distance, time, pace and calories burned. Everything is centralized and in one easy place. It actually makes working out super easy because you’ve got everything right in front of you to keep you going and motivated. As moms, we need to keep ourselves healthy, and I love that this helps me do just that.



I take a ton of photos on my iPhone. I had more than 2,000 photos in my iPhone a few months ago and needed to go through and delete some because I had hit capacity! It’s the way I capture memories because my iPhone is always on me. I love Instagram because I have the ability to transform the look of my photos with different filters. I can make them lighter, darker, black and white — even sepia. There are a dozen options, and it make photo taking fun, easy and enjoyable!


Dinner Spinner

I’m not a good cook by any stretch of the imagination. I need all the help I can get. I’ve always envied people who can look in their fridge and “whip” up dinner with what they have in there. Well, looks like I’m one of those people now, thanks to Dinner Spinner. This is the best app for moms because you can search for recipes based on the ingredients you already have on hand. Easy. Easy. Easy.

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