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Your top 5 baby name problems solved

Picking the right baby name for your son or daughter can be a challenge, especially if you and your partner can’t agree on a name. From dealing with family pressures to naming twins and even finding a unique name that’s not too “out there,” let us help you solve your top baby name problems.

Finding the right baby name for your baby girl or baby boy is a big decision for parents. Many times, this decision comes with emotional ties and can cause stress and tension for couples — especially if they can’t agree on a name.

Feeling overwhelmed with too many options

Many parents may feel overwhelmed by the thousands of options of baby names available. If your baby name list is starting to look like a novel, it is time to narrow it down!

The best way to pinpoint the type of name you want is by picking a baby name theme. Do you like traditional names? Popular names? Unique names? Once you have a type of name picked out, you can start narrowing down your list.

Search for baby names by theme:

Baby name pressure from family

Are your parents pressuring you to pass on a family name — but you are not sure if that is the name you want to give your son or daughter? Consider a compromise by using the family name as a middle name. If both his parents and your parents want you to use a family name, you could pick a name you both like and then use the family names as two middle names. After all, there is no limit to how many middle names you use! Once your child is old enough, they can always decide if they want to go by their middle name.

Many couples who feel like their family won’t approve of their chosen name will also keep the name a secret until the baby is born. One parent said the name may have sounded strange before it was attached to a wonderful human being — and once it was, the family grew to love it.

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Baby name bickering with your partner

You love the name Sebastian, while he wants an edgy name like Slate. What should you do? Grab a pen and paper and each write down 20-50 baby names you like without talking to one another or looking at each other’s paper. See if you have any names in common — or see if you at least like names with a similar theme. This will give you a starting point.

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Baby names times two! Naming twins

You thought naming one child was going to be difficult until you found out you were having twins! Check out the following helpful articles on finding the perfect twin baby name:

Finding a unique name that is not too weird

Research has shown parents who have regretted their baby name choice said it was because their chosen name was too popular. How do you find a unique baby name that is not too “out there”? Check out our list of top 100 baby names from the Social Security Administration — and try to avoid names that are at least in the top 50.

Next, consider old fashioned names. Many of these great names, like Wallace and Mabel, are unique but not weird. Check out the articles below for more unique and cool names:

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