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Practical baby remedies


As gentle and beautiful as newborn babies are, they’re susceptible to many ailments within the first year. Many of these familiar things just need some home remedies to make them disappear.

I have used some of nature’s simplest gifts to help babies. Here are some remedies to help you get rid of those everyday ailments that often occur shortly after birth.


This creates tummy aches for a child. It can start within the first three weeks after birth, and go on for up to four months. This pain in the baby’s stomach can come from milk, but I think it has more to do with the baby having to function on its own and not eat inside the womb any longer. First, you should do circular tummy rubs on the baby’s stomach. Next, a dairy-free diet will also help. Lastly, hold your baby on top of your tummy. The warmth he or she gets from your body will make the child’s tummy feel less bothersome.

Baby acne

Just like some kids break out during puberty, this can happen to some babies, too. If acne occurs, just keep your child’s skin clean with warm water. No medication is needed, and this is nothing to be concerned about. You will be surprised when this goes away after a few weeks.

Dry skin

Your child was in water for all of those months, so when he or she gets out of water, they are often peeling. Dry skin can be all over a baby’s body. Don’t pull the dry skin off. It will fall off on its own. Use a washcloth and lightly clean the skin on a daily basis. Then, apply a scent-free natural moisturizer.

Ingrown finger and toe nails

To prevent this from happening, use a baby emery board on his or her nails every other day. While it will be very tender, you want to give it a buff. Doing this diligently every other day will help the nails from growing into the skin.

Milk buildup

This can build up on a baby’s tongue and eventually look like a thick crust of milk. Just like we brush our teeth and tongue, a baby needs their tongue cleaned, too. Using a one-ply washcloth, put warm water on the cloth and wrap your finger in it. Then, swipe the tongue a couple times.

Cradle cap

This will look like very thick dandruff on a child’s head. The way I treat cradle cap is before I wash the baby on a daily basis, I lather the head with a light amount of olive oil. This softens the cradle cap. Then, put the baby in the tub and apply a small amount of shampoo onto his or her head. Use a soft baby brush in the water and on the head. It takes some time for the cradle cap to completely go away, so you should do this every day.

Diaper rash

If your baby gets diaper rash, it can be very uncomfortable. It’s important to air their bottom out. I suggest putting your child on the floor on a waterproof mat, taking off the diaper and letting the air be the best medicine for the rash. Also, I recommend washing the baby’s bottom three times a day with warm water and pat it dry with cotton. No wipes at this time because they can cause further irritation. When you put the diaper back on, use a diaper rash ointment. Mother Love is a good brand.


There are so many different ways a child can get eczema. I recommend seeing a doctor if this comes up. One thing to keep in mind is that eczema can often be a result of the detergent you are using to wash the baby’s clothing. Perfumes can make them break out. Make sure you use a fragrance-free and dye-free detergent.

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