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Celebrity mom cover stories: Kristin Cavallari, Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba and Haven

Jessica Alba

“I put on a lot of weight with [my firstborn] Honor. It took a long time to get back in shape,” Jessica Alba tells Parenting magazine. “My husband [producer Cash Warren] made bacon for me every morning, and at night, we ordered a minimum of five desserts.”

She said she gained less weight when she was pregnant with Haven. “[By then] I had a toddler to take care of, and I was starting this business, so I made healthier food choices, did prenatal yoga.”

Alba also opened up about how she occasionally must stretch the truth when talking to her daughters. “I serve Honor flavored sparkling water — she thinks that it’s soda, and that’s what I let her think. I told her that ‘brown soda’ is only for adults, and she believes me. Ha! And when the paparazzi follow us, and she asks me what they’re doing, I tell her, ‘They’re just taking pictures. Isn’t that silly?’ I don’t want her to have anxiety, so I tell her they do that to everyone, not just our family.”

Photo: WENN

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