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Celebrity mom cover stories: Kristin Cavallari, Jessica Alba


Katie Couric on Prevention

Katie Couric

Katie Couric opened up to Prevention magazine about the death of her husband, Jay Monahan, from colon cancer in 1998 when he was 42.

“I never acknowledged that I had given up hope,” she said of Jay’s illness. “Sometimes, I wish I had spoken with him about what we knew was inevitable. I really never had an opportunity to say goodbye to Jay because I thought that accepting the fact that he was going to die — whether it was too painful or… I don’t know. I wish I had been more honest. I was trying to protect him. Maybe I was trying to protect me. But for whatever reason, we never really acknowledged what we both knew to be true: that he was going to die. It was left unspoken, and as a result, a lot of things weren’t said that I wish had been.”

What lessons does she want to teach her daughters, Ellie, a junior at Yale, and Carrie, in 10th grade? “I try to set a good example in terms of dealing with failure or setbacks. I think one of the problems is a lot of parents — myself included — don’t allow their kids to fail. Overparenting does a disservice because we’re not allowing kids to develop coping skills when they don’t get perfect grades or win school elections. It’s something that I think about.”

Photo credit: Prevention

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