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Eco-friendly baby names

Baby names have gone green! With Earth Day coming up, we thought it was the perfect time to round up eco-friendly baby names. You can pass on your passion for the environment to the upcoming generation with these cool Earth-friendly baby names, including organic names, recycled names and even green baby names.

Eco-friendly baby names
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Now, you can not only have an eco-friendly house and car — but you can have an Earth-friendly baby name as well! If you love organic baby clothes, drive an Earth-friendly car like the Prius, bring your own bags to the grocery store and plan on using cloth diapers (most of the time), you will love these names!

Or even if you just buy biodegradable toilet paper, you will still love these baby girl and baby boy names!

Green baby names

The color green has come to signify all-natural, organic and Earth friendly. We rounded up unique green baby names from all ends of the spectrum. Let’s start with the name Green. Thanks to Beyonce, who named her daughter Blue, color baby names are a hot new trend. Green is listed as a baby boy name, but this could easily be a girl’s name, as well. You could also use this name as a cool middle name. If the name Green seems a bit too unique, consider these options:

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Organic baby names

We love these organic and Earthy baby names almost as much as we love the taste of organic fruits and veggies. These baby names would be perfect for your Earth baby.

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Baby names with Earth-friendly meanings

If you are looking for a meaningful baby name, consider the following list. These baby names are not only unique, they have Earth-friendly meanings.

  • Avani: Girl name of Indian origin meaning “earth”
  • Gaia: Girl name of Greek origin meaning “earth”
  • Kaj: Boy name of Danish origin meaning “earth”
  • Tierra: Girl name of Spanish origin meaning “earth”
  • Dagon: Boy name of Hebrew origin meaning “earth, grain”
  • Garth: Boys name of English origin meaning “garden”
  • Carmela: Girl name of English origin meaning “garden”
  • Azure: Girl name of English origin meaning “blue sky”
  • Guthrie: Boy name of Gaelic origin meaning “free wind”

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Recycled baby names

What do we mean by recycled baby names? These classic baby names are too good to overlook — so instead of a new or trendy baby name, why not recycle one of these great old-fashioned names? Check out some of our favorites:

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