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Being a digital mom: 5 Ways to make money online


Making a living online as a mom blogger has become more and more possible. Here are five ways to follow the money trail.

Mom blogging as a business

Making a living online as a mom blogger has become more and more possible. Here are five ways to follow the money trail.

I made a deal with my husband when I started blogging five years ago — if I could make enough money blogging as I did in my old job, I would never have to go back to an office job again.

To say I was determined is an understatement.

Making money online as a mom blogger has become more and more possible and — I’m going to say it — doable. A few years ago, it felt like only a select few mom bloggers were granted access to the money train, but all that has changed. It’s becoming easier to make money online as a mom blogger, and beyond that, people are actually supporting their families off their blogging and social media skills. To be
100 percent transparent and honest with you, I’m living proof of that.

My husband was laid off in September 2010. At that point, I was making maybe $15,000 a year. Not bad, I know, but not nearly enough to support a family of six. I don’t know what changed in me or what shifted, but the original “bet” we had a few years earlier (trying to make up my salary) all of a sudden became a lot more important. The stakes were higher than ever, and I knew I had to deliver. If there’s anyone to give advice as to how to make money online, it’s me. I found every way possible to make sure I was bringing home the bacon for my family!

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How can you make money online as a mom blogger?

Here are five ways to get yourself going:



There are two options here: You can either sell advertising on your blog by yourself or you can join an ad network (Google, Glam, SheKnows, Lifetime Moms, Federated Media, etc.). When you sell ads on your own blog, you have the power to name your price, but you also have to sell the ads yourself (or find someone to do so). When you join an ad network, everything is taken care of by the network. You will have to give up alloted ad space (usually three) on your blog, but it can be very lucrative to join an ad network because they’re based on CPM (clicks per impression). The more traffic you have, the more money you’ll make. You make money without even thinking about it, which is incredible.


Spokesperson opportunities

Mom bloggers have become the “it” digital voice. If you’re someone who has worked on establishing a brand and a following, you’re someone who has the potential to be hired as a spokesperson for a brand/company. There’s been so much more outreach to bloggers lately because our price point is lower than celebs’. Also, brands and companies are seeing a higher return on investment in digital efforts than they are in traditional media efforts. If you want to be a voice that’s heard from a brand/company, stand up and make sure they know! Opportunities come at all times, and you don’t want to miss one or let one pass by.


Freelance writing

If you love writing, you may want to start approaching some bigger sites to see if they’re hiring freelance writers. If you’re someone who can work under deadline and doesn’t have a problem coming up with article ideas, you’ll be an asset to sites like SheKnows, iVillage, Lifetime Moms, AOL, Cafe Mom, BabyCenter, etc. These sites hire freelance writers often and love working with bloggers because they know they’re already used to providing regular content and come to the table with an established readership already in place.


Sponsored content

Essentially, sponsored content is a pay-to-post arrangement. Bloggers may have been sought out by brands/companies/PR on their own or they have joined a blogger network program that facilitates the sponsored content. Blogger networks such as One 2 One, Clever Girls Collective, Mom Select, Role Mommy, etc., help connect bloggers with brands for potential sponsored content opportunities. This is a wonderful way to get your feet wet in the monetizing waters. You must disclose on your blog post the content was indeed, sponsored.


Affiliate marketing

If you’re a mom blogger who blogs about products, affiliate marketing is something you should try out. To get started, you need to join some affiliate marketing programs (Amazon, LinkShare, Commission Junction, Logical Media, etc.,) to make money, but it can be very beneficial. Here’s an example: If you blog about clothing a lot (like I do), you may as well start linking to various clothing sites through your affiliates where you will actually make a commission off a sale.

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