Alicia Silverstone’s baby eats like a bird

Alicia Silverstone apparently feeds her baby, Bear Blu, by chewing up the food and sharing it by spitting it into his mouth. Read on to learn more about this unusual way of feeding a baby!

Recently, Alicia Silverstone posted a video on her blog showing her baby, Bear Blu, and his favorite way of eating — namely, like a baby bird. She chews up food and shares it with him by basically spitting it back into his mouth.

Bear Blu was born to Alicia and husband Christopher Jarecki in 2011. She is a vegan and is raising Bear as a vegan as well, but feeding your baby like a bird is not a usual facet of veganism. As one mom said, “I hate when wacko celebrities do wacko things, and it automatically gets linked with something alternative in their life like her being ‘vegan.'”

Reactions across the globe are varied, and amazingly, not all are negative.

Just plain disgusting

Many moms were grossed out upon viewing the video. “That is bizarre!” exclaimed Brittney, mother of one. “When my kiddo was little, I did sometimes bite off a piece of whatever I was eating and then gave it to her, but I certainly didn’t do that! Ew!”

Other moms felt the same. “It’s just plain gross no matter what her explanation is,” said Ashley, mom of three. “There’s a difference between a crunchy mom and a just plain weird mom!” Maggie from Ohio agreed. “I can maybe maybe maybe understand this in a pinch if it’s the zombie apocalypse and spoons cease to exist,” she explained, “but that’s not the case so, um?”

Why does anyone care?

Kelly, mother of two, wondered what the fuss was all about. “It’s strange,” she told us. “But honestly, why does anyone care? Her kid is being fed — sweet! I don’t understand why she is publicizing this. Nor why people should be concerned.”

Rebecca from Missouri had similar feelings. “I don’t care as long as someone loves their child and takes care of them — I say to each her own. That’s what makes the world go round.”

However you feel, Alicia claims her little boy loves being fed this way. “He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating,” she wrote.

Whatever! It’s Alicia Silverstone

Some moms we asked weren’t as put off by the video as others were. Becky, from California, was one of those. “I didn’t find it as repulsive as I thought I would,” she shared. “Maybe because she’s Alicia Silverstone, and she can do whatever she wants. Including feeding her child regurgitated food!”

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