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5 Grilled cheese staples kids love

What’s not to love about grilled cheese? It’s warm, gooey and filled with delicious cheese. Start with a slice of cheese and add any of these tasty toppings for a grilled cheese sandwich your kids will love!

Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich


Your kids will love this sandwich, even if they don’t usually eat tomatoes. A warmed-up tomato, served on top of gooey cheese and placed in between grilled bread is the ultimate comfort food. Try using tomatoes fresh from the garden or farmer’s market for a treat that’s truly unforgettable. Make sure to make one for yourself – if you don’t, you’ll end up eating half of the one you made for your kid!

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Let’s face it – ham and cheese sandwiches are dull and boring. Liven up this dud simply by warming it up. Add a generous helping of ham to Kraft Singles and sandwich them between buttered bread. Grill the sandwich until lightly browned and you’ll have a lunch that will become your kids’ favorite.


Everything’s better with bacon, and grilled cheese is no exception. Fry up some crispy bacon (or use the ready-made, microwaveable kind for a quick lunch) and add it to your grilled cheese before you place it on the grill. These crispy, gooey sandwiches will go fast.

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It may sound odd at first, but any grilled cheese connoisseur will tell you that grilled cheese with fruit is a must-try. The best fruit to top your grilled cheese sandwich with is a pear – they’re pretty mild, but they add just the right amount of flavor and juiciness when warmed. If you don’t have a fresh pear on hand, try your favorite type of apple.

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The only thing better than pizza is pizza on a sandwich! Simply add pepperoni to your Kraft Singles, along with any other pizza toppings your kids enjoy, and grill. Serve this sandwich with a side of marinara sauce for dipping, and your kids will beg you to make it again for lunch tomorrow.


Looking to mix it up even more? Try mixing more than one of these ingredients for a sandwich that’s really top-notch!

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