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Real moms share: Favorite family moments


Leave it to the moms out there to create some of the best family times ever. SheKnows shares these real moms’ stories about their favorite family moments.

family in the garden

Let it grow

Barb Clayton from Syracuse, New York, mom to an 11-year-old daughter and 4-year-old twin boys, says she loves gardening with her children. “I maintained a garden for years before my kids were born,” she says. As soon as they were old enough to show interest in her garden, Barb says she handed them garden trowels and let them foster their own green thumbs. “Watching their faces delight in seeing something they planted come to fruition is priceless. We have countless talks, laughs and even some tears in our little garden.”

The family that dines together…

“I insist that my family eats dinner together at our kitchen table at least one or two times a week,” says Heather Harrison of Scottsdale, Arizona, who is mom to 9-year-old and 5-year-old boys. She adds that eating dinner around the TV or eating out at a restaurant (even if the whole family is together) doesn’t count.

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Bedtime snuggles

For Chrissy Holder, mom to 17-month-old daughter Anya, favorite family moments come in the form of snuggles. Chrissy says, “My husband, Tom, and I cuddle with Anya on the couch and read stories to her before bed. Sometimes she falls asleep on my lap or in his arms. There is nothing sweeter than watching her sleep.”?

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Road trip time

Most moms might dread road trips with their kids, but not Amber Simms. She delights in making road trips fun for her family, which includes her husband and their four kids, ages 3 to 11.

“It’s all about the set up,” she boasts, saying she packs lots of portable but healthy snacks in a cooler her kids can access. She also packs road trip games “without loose pieces” that the whole family can play (except the driver!), favorite music mixes and the all-important loveys. “I learned the hard way NEVER to pack the kids’ loveys in the suitcases in the back. Each of my kids is responsible for carrying his or her own lovey into the car. We always do a lovey check before we head out on the road.”

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Mama-and-me manis

Jennifer Bowen of Phoenix says she and her 8-year-old daughter love what she’s dubbed “diva days.” Jennifer says, “We get out all my nail polishes and give each other manicures. We try to make it like our own salon. When she gets a little older, I’ll treat her to a salon manicure. But for now, our DIY manicures have become one of my favorite things to do together.”

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