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7 Ways to create special family memories

Feeling short on family memories? SheKnows offers these fun and easy ways to create countless moments you and your family will always remember.

young family out camping

Make a photo album

Take a look back through your family photos to see what fun your family has already experienced together. If you don’t have your photos organized, enjoy making an album together — whether it’s scrapbooking one of your own, or creating a custom photo book online. While making your album(s), take note of the special things your family has done together and how you can expand upon them — just think of it as fodder for your next family photo album!

Take a one-of-a-kind trip

Whether it’s a cross-country trip to see Grandma, a cruise to an exotic island or spending a week in a secluded cabin, take a one-of-a-kind trip that your whole family will never forget. Start a family journal and have each member of your family jot down notes throughout the trip so you can see each family member’s first-hand thoughts about the experiences.

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Experience a “first” together

Any time you experience something for the first time, it creates a special memory in your mind. So why not do something neither you nor any member of your family has experienced before. Get together with your family to brainstorm some fun ideas. Whether it’s volunteering at a shelter or exploring a local landmark, this “first” will not only create a special family memory, it could lead to a family hobby or tradition!

Start a family hobby

Hobbies are all about doing something you love. So why not enjoy a hobby you love with the people you love? Finding the right hobby that the whole family enjoys can create some special memories, and once you find the hobby that’s a perfect fit for your family, you’ll rack up the memories.

Start a family tradition

Family traditions are the foundation of strong family bonds. Aside from holidays, create some special traditions that will surely become special family memories. This special tradition can be something small and easy (but nonetheless special!) such as pancake breakfasts on Sundays or taking a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

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Make a family date

We know how busy families can get, but don’t let a hectic schedule rob you and your family of the time to create special memories. Make a hard-and-fast family “date night” once a week. Whether it’s making dinner together or going out for ice cream, make this family time a priority above all other things.

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Make lemonade

Sometimes the best family memories sprout from the moments you don’t see coming — or wouldn’t want to see coming! So don’t stress if your camping trip gets rained out. Pack into the tents, bust out the chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers and enjoy “raw” s’mores while telling ghost stories until the rain stops.

Quick tip

Instead of mandating family time, let it come to fruition in a natural way. Take note of what your family enjoys doing together, then try to foster more opportunities for those special memories to take place.

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