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Celebrity mom Denise Richards talks family fun, motherhood and adoption


Celebrity moms face the same challenges all of us do. Actress and former model Denise Richards is a single mother to two daughters — Sam, 8, and Lola, 6 (her children with ex-husband Charlie Sheen) — plus baby Eloise, who she adopted last year.

Richards recently talked to SheKnows about motherhood, family time, her partnership with Totino’s and a whole lot more.

Dinner and a movie

Eating together as a family promotes bonding time and communication. Families that eat together also have better overall nutrition. And if that wasn’t enough, studies show children who sit down and eat with their families get better grades in school and are less likely to take drugs, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol than those from families who rarely eat dinner together. In Richards’ house, eating together is one of her priorities.

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“We always have dinner together at night, and I try and take them to school as much as possible,” says Richards. “We like to have fun together — watching movies, doing craft projects and other activities. There are a ton of things we love to do together. One of them is Friday night dinner and a movie! And, I have a great deal for families who like to do the same. It’s from Totino’s, and all you have to do is purchase either one Totino’s Party Pizza or two 40-count bags of Totino’’s Pizza Rolls snacks, and you will receive a special coupon code for a free, one-night DVD rental from Redbox.”

Finding balance

Every mom is challenged to find a balance between work and family life, and Richards is no different.

“Regardless of what industry you work in, as a working mom, it’s hard to keep it all balanced,” Richards says. “But I always make sure my kids are number one, and if they have something important — a recital, game, etc., — and I have a meeting, I will try and change my meeting. As long as it’s harmonious, it’s all good!”

Staying healthy

Family fitness and health is important to all of us. Richards stresses the importance of exercise and eating right for your own health and to model positive, healthy habits for your children as well.

“My kids definitely keep me active,” says Richards. “I also eat well and try to exercise as much as possible. Being fit is not just about looking good, it’s about being healthy. I have three kids to care for, and I want to be as healthy as possible and teach them good habits as well.”

When it comes to style, Richards loves to shop at Alice and Olivia. And how does she keep her hair looking so gorgeous? She has a new hair care line — Denise Richards Volume Extend. The products deliver volume and shine while protecting hair from damage caused by free radicals and styling tools.

“The shampoo is fabulous — it brought my hair back to being healthy,” explains Richards. “It’s a partnership with stylist Cristophe and it just launched recently on”

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The road to adoption

In addition to her two older daughters, Richards also adopted a baby girl — Eloise Joni — on her own in 2011. Her middle name comes from Richards’ mother, Joni, who died of cancer in 2007.

“I knew I wasn’t done having children, and I’ve always wanted to adopt,” says Richards. “So, I made a decision to do it on my own. She’s a blessing, and I can’t imagine my family without her.”

Denise says being a mom with a young baby in her 40s is the same as it was in her 30s. “Regardless of how old you are, being a mom is challenging but also incredibly rewarding. My goal is to always be a great mom and support my kids — I hope all moms feel the same way.”

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