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Easter party favors for kids

Chocolate bunnies, hard-cooked eggs and Easter baskets aren’t the only party favors you can give out at your kids’ Easter party. These unique favor ideas are affordable and adorable.



Cascarones are a fun party favor any kid will enjoy. These brightly colored, hollowed-out eggs are filled with confetti, and people often crack them over each other’s heads in celebration. You can make your own cascarones or buy premade ones.


Easter stickers

At party supply stores and craft shops, you can buy an assortment of stickers that feature Easter themes. Tuck the stickers inside goody bags along with other treats. Stickers are very affordable, so you can buy a bunch.

Beach pails

Pail favors

Buy plastic or tin pails in fun colors and allow the children to use them at the party to collect eggs during your Easter egg hunt. Afterward, the kids can take them home and use the pails to play in the sand at the beach this summer.

Stuffed animals

Stuffed bunny favors

Everybody loves stuffies! Stuffed chicks, bunnies and other animals make adorable Easter party favors. Look in your local dollar store, where you are sure to find stuffed animals on the cheap.

Bunny soap

Bunny soap favors

They might look like candy bunnies, but these favors are actually sweet smelling soaps. You can order bunny soap in various colors and scents from the Soapsational Favors Etsy shop ($10 for five soaps).

Bunny ears

Bunny ears favors

Bulk Party Supplies offers 12 pairs of soft-touch bunny ears for about $15. These fresh bunny ears feature a snap-on headband sized for kids to wear during your Easter party.

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