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These Easter Games for Kids are Way Better Than the Same Old Egg Hunt

5. Easter egg charades

Let’s get some mileage out of those plastic eggs, shall we? This version puts a festive spin on the classic game charades. Fill each egg with a movie title, person or animal. Then take turns drawing an egg and pantomiming to the rest of the family.

6. Decorate a giant egg

You can play this game one of two ways. For the first, you’ll need a massive Easter egg. You can make this out of paper mache, foam or even draw it on butcher paper. Then, give each kid some paint or markers and have them go to town. If you want to make this competitive, you can award kids similarly to the decorative hat game.

For the second option, you’ll need a few more items, including garbage bags, Easter grass, streamers and markers. Designate one child to be the “egg” — that person will step into a trash bag that’s been cut to have armholes and leg holes. The bag’s opening should be toward the child’s chest. From there, each other family member gets to stuff the “egg” with Easter grass and decorate the exterior using the streamers and markers. Fun for the egg and fun for the rest of you.

7. Bonus: Play with confetti eggs

Dozens of confetti eggs (cascarones) on a white background
Image: Julia Ewan/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Everyone will have a blast playing with these confetti-filled eggs. The eggs, or cascarones, were popularized in Spanish culture and are a fun way to spread a little cheer — and to make sure none of your breakfast shells go to waste.

A version of this story was originally published in April 2019.

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