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These Easter Games for Kids are Way Better Than the Same Old Egg Hunt

3. Easter bonnet decorating contest

Two little girls wear ornate Easter hats while playing a game of egg roll
Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Is there anything cuter than these Whoville-inspired hats? Actually, yes. Your kid wearing one.

First, you’ll need to ensure everyone has a hat. These can be of the inexpensive baseball, sun or bucket variety. Or if you’d like to go a different route, you can take a paper grocery bag, remove the handles and roll the top until it can fit snugly on your little one’s head.

Then set out all your decorative items. These can be plastic eggs, flowers, stickers, glitter glue, ribbon and/or pipe cleaners. The possibilities are endless! To apply heavier items, make sure parents are on hand to operate a glue gun.

Once the kids have finished, you can hand out awards for categories like most creative, silliest and best Dowager Countess impression.

4. Basket(case) race

Another fun, simple game is the basket race. If you played egg roll, you can reuse the same lanes and finish line. If not, you can simply have participants line up and race to the nearest tree.

The game itself is pretty straightforward. The contestants will each place a basket on their heads and try to keep it balanced as they walk toward the finish line. Should a basket fall, that player will have to return to the starting point and begin all over again.

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