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Green thumbs in training


With the warmer spring weather coming, you can teach your kids a bit about gardening by planting some seeds now. Here’s a great list of easy-to-grow flowers and vegetables your kids can grow from seed.

There’s no denying that most kids love playing in the dirt. Why not give them some seeds and let them experience the joy of watching them turn into plants?

Judy Sedbrook, master gardener at Colorado State University, explains why gardening is so great for kids: “Children enjoy planting seeds, watching them grow and harvesting what they have grown. By cultivating their curiosity about these things, you can help them to develop a love of nature and gardening. They will also enjoy the special time they get to spend with you.” 

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Some kids will be drawn to growing pretty flowers while others will find growing their own food to be much more exciting. Either way, these easy-to-grow plants will bring them almost immediate gratification.

Kid-friendly flowers


Within five days, you’ll see sunflower seedlings emerge from the soil. Your kids will be amazed at how, in just eight weeks, a small seed can grow into such a huge flower.


Brightly colored cosmos will germinate in five to seven days of planting. These seeds are large, which makes them super easy for kids to plant.


These fast-growing flowers are perfect for kids since they require very little delayed gratification. Within five to seven days, your kids will see them poke through the soil.


Easy to germinate and full of color, zinnias are a great choice for kids. You’ll see them bursting through the soil within seven to 10 days. As an added bonus, these are fun flowers to cut for bouquets.

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Kid-friendly vegetables

Sugar snap peas

Though some kids turn their nose up at peas, most won’t be able to resist delicious sugar snap peas that they’ve sown with their own hands. They’ll be amazed when they see these seeds pop through the soil within two to 10 days.


Though it may take two to three months for carrots to grow large enough to harvest, your kids will enjoy watching their frilly stems grow taller by the day and will love pulling them from the ground when they’re ready to eat.

Leaf Lettuce

Within 30-45 days of planting, your kids will have leaf lettuce ready for harvesting. You just might find some new salad lovers on your hands.


Radish seeds are large enough for small fingers to handle, and they sprout within five to seven days. Your kids will love that some varieties are even ready to eat within 25 days.

Whether your children choose to plant flowers or vegetables, they’ll undoubtedly love seeing their work grow from tiny seeds to full-grown plants.

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