5 Fun April Fools’ Day food pranks

Ready for a little family fun for April Fools’ Day? Your kids will love these food pranks to celebrate!

A fool from day one

It’s not entirely certain how April Fools’ Day got its start, but there are a few ideas. One theory goes back a long, long time ago to when the Western world followed a Julian calendar. The beginning of the New Year (March 25) was celebrated April 1. When people switched to the Gregorian calendar, the New Year began Jan. 1. People who continued to celebrate the day April 1 were called April Fools, and people would play jokes on them.

Fun with family and friends

Name-calling aside, April 1 is now known far and wide as a day filled with silliness, and a time to pull fun pranks and practical jokes on your friends and family. Talk to your kids before the “holiday” about practical jokes and how they should be fun for everyone involved. No one likes a mean-spirited prank!

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Here are a few fun, April Fools’ Day food pranks your kids are sure to like!

Worms in dirt

Do your kids seem attracted to dirt? Then they’ll really love this prank! Imagine their faces when you place a plastic flowerpot filled with dirt and worms in front of them to eat! Frozen yogurt, crumbled chocolate cookies, gummy candy worms and a plastic flower are used to make this a treat to remember. Check out this yummy SheKnows recipe.

Sweet sushi

Some kids like sushi, some don’t, but we’re willing to bet most will really enjoy this rolled up delight! This sushi is made with Hostess Twinkies and dried fruit. It looks so real your kids will surely be surprised when they use their chopsticks to pick up these rolls! This Fab Foods recipe is easy — and fun — to put together!

Refilled Oreos

Your kids won’t suspect anything out of the ordinary with these treats! Before it’s time for your kids’ after-school snack or dessert, prepare a handful of Oreo cookies for this gag. Gently twist the cookies apart and scrape off the cream filling. Replace the filling with white toothpaste. Set the cookies out for your kids. When they take a bite, the flavor will wow them!

“Fried egg” breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? This is a fun (and nutritious) way to start the day, especially if your kids like eggs (and yogurt). You’ll need about 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt for each serving, along with either half a skinless peach or half a skinless apricot. When you’re ready to serve your “egg,” put the yogurt on a flat plate in a circular shape (to resemble the egg white portion of a fried egg). Next, place half the peach or apricot, with the flat side down, in the middle of the yogurt to resemble the egg yolk. Instant “fried egg!”

Jiggle juice

This is a juicy prank, courtesy of Disney Family Fun. When your kids are looking for a glass of juice to drink, they’ll be surprised to find they need a spoon for this serving! Prepared in a tall, clear glass with a straw, flavored gelatin (with a drop of food color) sets to look like juice! This is easy to put together: You’ll need lemon-flavored gelatin, a drop of red food color and a straw.

Last Thought

April Fools’ Day food pranks that are in good fun will make it a day to remember. They might have your kids thinking, “Wait ‘til next year!”

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