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Rosie Pope shares mommy must-haves and hints at “secret” baby name


What drives Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope to star in her own Bravo show, design her own maternity line and put up with her rich clients in need of her “mommy concierge” services?

The busy mom of two (soon to be three, as she is currently pregnant!) opened up about her early days in the business, the top mistakes new moms make — and even gives us a hint as to what she will name baby No. 3!

SheKnows: Tell me about the upcoming season of Bravo’s Pregnant in Heels. What can we expect in the second season?

Rosie Pope: It is filmed in New York, Los Angeles and the Dominican Republic. We have almost finished filming, and it will be airing in May. I joke that it should be called Pregnant in Flip Flops this year.

SK: Sounds fun! On the show, you often deal with somewhat helpless, rich clients who have some interesting demands of you. As a “mommy concierge,” what is the craziest request you have had from clients needing your services?

RP: On the show this year, it is between eating raw placenta and an interest in pregnancy porn. (laughs)

SK:  Wow! Tell us, how did you get into the business of helping moms?

RP: At the core of the business is wanting to help parents and moms-to-be the best that they can be. I wasn’t the closest with my mom, and for me, it has been really important to go through the process. It has inspired me to do what I can for other people. That was the beginning of the passion for the business. And now it is a genuine craft to bring as much info and passion and excitement and happiness to as many moms as possible.

SK: What is the biggest mistake that first-time moms make?

RP: People over-buy for the baby. I think some things are really important like cribs, changing table, car seat and stroller. When that baby comes out, however, they are not playing in jungle gyms, bouncers and exersaucers.

Every baby has their own personality, and they are specific about what they like. You go crazy buying equipment and find out your baby is not into it. It’s much better to wait, get to know the little person before you buy all this extra stuff.

SK: What is on your list for baby product must-have?

RP: Obviously a car seat (I love the Maxi-Cosi car seats) and interference-free baby monitors, especially in today’s world with BlackBerry phones and wireless Internet. I’m also obsessed with Medela Quick Steam Clean Bags. You can be quick and sterilize breast pumps and pacifiers in a few minutes. Baby carriers are great, as are bassinets because many parents want to keep baby close when breast or bottle feeding in the middle of the night. It’s also great for wheeling them around.

For women who aren’t pregnant but would like to be pregnant — they are in an important mom-to be community, which is why I’m excited to work with Clearblue Easy. The fertility monitor and ovulation sticks really help women who are trying to conceive.

SK: On your show, I know you help parents come up with the perfect baby name. Do you have a baby name picked out for your daughter?

RP: We have. It’s a secret.

SK: Any hints?

RP: It’s one of our weird things… We don’t tell anyone the name. I will tell you we didn’t make it up.

SK: What names do you think will be the hottest names of the year? What trends are you seeing?

RP: I think there will be a return to traditional names. For a while, many would make up off-the-cuff and interesting names, but there is a return to traditional names that are still interesting. Our second son is named Wellington, so it is a rare name, but still a traditional name. People are going to go back to finding traditional, yet interesting names.

SK: How do you juggle your business and TV show with being a mom of two, soon-to-be three?

RP: I don’t know. (laughs) I think I gave up sleep a couple of years ago.

SK: How do you fake a full night’s sleep? What are your favorite beauty products?

RP: Clarins has a cream called Beauty Flash Balm. You pile that on, and that fakes sleep. I like lip stains by Benefit, because [people look at your lips instead of] at your eyes and they don’t see bags or circles underneath them.

SK:  I know you were spoofed on Saturday Night Live. I would think it would be an honor, but how did you take it? [Rosie has an interesting accent, from being raised in both London and New York. On Saturday Night Live, Abby Elliott plays Rosie and in the spoof explains her accent, saying, “Well, I was born in England and then moved to America — and every morning, a thousand bees sting my tongue.”]

RP: It was amazing! I am shocked when people would think I wouldn’t think it wasn’t amazing. Huge honor!

SK: Which pregnant celebrity do you think has the best maternity style?

RP: “I think Kourtney Kardashian looks great. She stays true to her pregnancy style.”

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