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Two babies, one room


Whether you’re having two boys, two girls or one of each, the way you design a nursery for twins can affect their sleeping patterns, behavior and interactions with each other from day one.

Read on for tips about creating a twin nursery for your two newbies.

You want your baby’s sleeping environment to be comfortable. But how do you design an appropriate nursery for twins?

A twin nursery: Blended but separate

Before you even begin to think about decor, it’s necessary to consider the logistics of two different little people sleeping in one room together. Their sleep patterns could be as different as night and day. Your twins may have snoozed happily snuggled together in utero, but how can you ensure that each twin gets the rest they need without disturbing each other if they’re sleeping in the same room?

“Get twins used to sleeping through noise from a young age,” says Annalisa Thomas, president and CEO of the Oilo Collection of nursery and home decor. “As they get a little older — and more curious when they hear sounds — add noise reducers to the nursery with either a fan, humidifier or soft nursery music.”

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The personality of a twin nursery

Your twins will show their individuality soon enough and make their wishes known about their room’s look and feel, so enjoy this time to design a twin nursery exactly the way you want it.

“We plan on putting the twins in the same crib for a few months but moving them each into their own when appropriate,” says Nicole C., who is expecting a boy and girl this spring. “I wish we would have done each crib their own color scheme and theme, but since we didn’t know what we were having at the time, they both match.”

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Furnishing a twin nursery

Because you’ll want to snuggle with both of your little ones sometimes, accessorize a twin nursery with an ultra-comfy gliding chair large enough to hold two babies, recommends Thomas.

She also suggests an alternative lighting scheme so you don’t wake one twin while the other is sleeping. “This might include a diffuser or something like a cylinder hanging lamp in the room and then a standing or tabletop lamp placed elsewhere in the room.”

Keep the future in mind, too — before you know it, those tiny babies will be mobile, vocal toddlers. Invest in two toy boxes or have separate cupboards that allow each child to have personal space for their toys. But also create a common area organized in a manner that encourages sharing.

Accessorizing a nursery

Parents of boy-girl twins get the best of both worlds — you can indulge the masculine and feminine side of your interior design vision. But if you’re having two boys or two girls, you may not want to overload on just one theme.

For parents who want to avoid the matchy-matchy scheme, “Choose three main colors, then work around those,” says Thomas. A pale blue can be a great base color for both boys and girls. From there, you can get a little girly with pink accents for your little lady and delineate your son’s side with some darker blue touches.

Or, suggests Thomas, “Pick two of the same bedding in a more gender neutral style or pick two different colors that coordinate.”

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