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5 Date night (or day) ideas for you and your child

Let’s face it: Life is busy and hectic. And it can be challenging to find a day on the calendar for a date night with your hubby. But have you thought about dating your kids? One-on-one time with your child is important not only for bonding but for keeping the lines of communication open. So next time? Leave your husband at home and take your child out instead. Read on for date ideas for you and your child.


Instead of giving him the same ol’ bowl of cornflakes, take your child out to breakfast before school. He’ll love the departure from the normal routine — and the fact he gets to do something exciting on a school day. Plus, it will give you a great opportunity to talk “shop” with him and get him to open up about his likes and dislikes when it comes to school.


Suprising your child at school and taking him off campus for lunch will go a long way. Let him choose his favorite spot to get a bite to eat and bond with mom. He’ll love taking the story back to his classmates — and you’ll love seeing him grinning ear-to-ear as he laughs about not having to eat his normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Dress up and prepare to paint the town red. (Or draw on the town with sidewalk chalk.) Taking your child out to a nice restaurant will be an exciting adventure for him. It will also make him happy that you trust him and think he’s mature enough to eat somewhere that has linen table cloths.

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Focus on your child’s favorites

What’s been your child’s favorite thing lately? Has he been fixated on basketball or is he really into animals? Book tickets to see your city’s basketball team play or take your child to the aquarium or zoo. But just taking him isn’t enough. Do your homework so you’re ready to cheer for certain players at the game or know which animal exhibits he’ll want to see. He’ll feel special that you took the time to get to know the things he loves.

Movie and ice cream

It’s no different than the date you used to plan with your boyfriend way back when or the one you may go on with your husband now. Only this time, the flick is likely to include animation. A Sunday matinee is a great way to surprise your child at the end of a weekend — just when he’s dreading going back to school. And sharing ice cream afterward will give you a chance to find out what else is on his mind.

Burn some music

Help your child make his own CD or playlist. Start by talking to him about his favorite singers and bands. After you’ve discovered his favorite tunes and maybe even introduced him to some of your own (’80s, anyone?) together you can create a playlist you both could love. It’s a win-win situation. You’ll get the inside scoop on something he cares about, and he might even get some insight on his cool mom.

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