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What I’m loving this week: 5 Must-haves for first-time moms


There are some really cool products for first-time moms out there right now, but are they really necessary? Here are my top five that you must add to your shopping list!

What every First-time mom needs

There are some crazy-cool products for first-time moms out there right now, but are they really necessary? Here are my top five that you must add to your shopping list!

When I had my oldest son William back in September 2004, I didn’t have a clue as to what I needed. None of my friends had babies. My sister-in-laws both lived hours away. My mother wasn’t close by. My poor husband and I were as lost as can be about it all. It was the blind leading the blind. We ended up registering for the most random stuff we just never used or needed — like a bottle warmer and wet wiper warmer.

Now that I have done it a few times (ahem, four) and have walked my best friends, blogging friends and my husband’s sisters through the whole what-does-a-first-time-mama-really-need process, it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about what’s actually needed. I have to admit, there are cool and trendy items available right now for moms, and it’s totally giving me baby fever (don’t tell my husband!).

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So what am I loving this week? (And honestly, just drooling over!)

Here are my five must-haves for the first-time mom that will keep you chic and as ready as can be for a little thing called motherhood!

I am obsessed with their 2012 Convertible Collection. Nobody will ever know you’re wearing a diaper bag because the styles are trendy, chic and fabulous! It looks as if you’re toting around a gorgeous handbag, but when you take a peek inside, it’s filled with pockets and storage for all your mama essentials.

I wasn’t prepared for how much sleeping babies actually do when I became a first-time mom. I love Quinny’s dreami, which is an add-on bassinet to your stroller, so your baby can sleep and you never have to worry about transferring them to his/her crib. They’re cozy and comfy as is. Talk about helping a mama out!

This is one of those products every mom and mom-to-be should own, hands down. I wore my Bellaband throughout my fourth pregnancy, but I got the most use out of it post-pregnancy, when my body was getting back to “normal.” It was my saving fashion grace throughout my recovery weeks and is my most highly recommended item for moms (during and post-pregnancy).


Mamas & Papas Morph Baby Carrier

There’s something very useful about being able to head out hands-free, and a baby carrier does that for you. I also love the bonding aspect of babywearing, as it’s very special. I recommended checking out the Morph because it’s tailor fit for you and your baby. It’s comfortable, it’s trendy — and most importantly, it’s safe.

It’s something you don’t think about until your baby has actually arrived: the feedings! I love the Nursing Bracelet because it allows you to easily keep track of your baby’s breastfeeding schedule. Not to mention, it’s done in a very classic and beautiful way.

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