Crazy cute spring rain gear for kids

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also present great opportunities to sing in the rain, stomp and splash in puddles — and have a fabulous time.

Of course, this also means you can shop for cute rain gear for your kids!

Hello, spring rain. Unlike cold winter downpours, spring showers often are a bit warmer. And that means your little ones can play in the rain. Outfit them in some of our favorite spring rain gear — rain boots, pants, rain jackets and more — for a less soaking experience.

Zoubaby rain boots

Zoubaby, a brand all about customizing its products for you, was founded by mom of three Bridget Davis. Her vision for your kiddo’s feet is perfectly darling. Zoubaby rain boots for children ($65) are stylish basic black rain boots that you customize with your child’s initials.

For the monogrammed letters, choose from four sizes and eight colors to make your kids’ rain boots unique. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention Zoubaby makes women’s boots, too. You know, just in case…

Kidorable frog umbrella

Ribit, ribit! Your little rain hopper can stay dry under this super cute Kidorable frog umbrella ($14). Not all kids are willing to leave their rain gear on and if yours is one of them, they can carry a cute kid-sized umbrella instead.

At 24 inches long and 27 inches when open, kids aren’t fumbling with a too-big or too-heavy umbrella. And with 20 styles to choose from (a pirate, a mermaid, a ladybug and more), you’ll find an umbrella to fit your child’s style.

Kushies rain gear

Go for the full rain protection that is so cute you’ll risk taking your camera out in the rain. Kushies Rainwear will keep your little splasher dry from head to toe — literally. The splish splash rain jacket and pant set ($54) features an attached hooded visor, two back pockets and one front pocket.

To ensure the suit fits your child, the hem and waist are fully adjustable. (Kushies also sells jackets without the pants).

Stephen Joseph rain poncho

If a rain jacket is too restrictive but an umbrella won’t keep your child dry enough, there’s always another piece of rain gear: the rain poncho. Stephen Joseph has fabulous rain ponchos just for kids, like this darling ladybug rain poncho ($18).

One size fits all means it will fit your puddle jumper for more than one season and will make playing in the rain an unrestricted adventure. With six cute options (a butterfly, a flower, a tiger and many more), your child will be rain-ready in style.

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REI Cascade Sombrero rain hat

For kiddos who don’t like to wear the hoods attached to a rain jacket, go for a cute rain hat. This Cascade Sombrero rain hat ($25) from REI is made of laminated nylon with sealed seams.

It’s waterproof, but it still allows moisture vapor from a sweaty little head to escape. The adjustable chin strap ensures a wind gust doesn’t send the hat flying! (It’s also available in a boy’s version.)

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