Celeb bump day: Vanessa Lachey, Jessica Simpson and more!

Happy Hump Day — also known as Celebrity Baby Bump Day! We have rounded up the cutest baby bumps in Hollywood, including Jessica Simpson (still in heels!) and a newly pregnant Vanessa Minnillo Lachey. Snooki also shows off her little guido (or guidette) in the oven, while Alyson Hannigan dresses her baby bump in plaid.

Pregnant Jessica Simpson on Ellen

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson shows off her baby bump on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 13, and insists, despite the rumors, she is not carrying twins.

“There is only one, there is only one girl,” Simpson said. “But I did get knocked up by a baller… A big football player.”

The mom-to-be, who is expecting her first child with former NFL player Eric Johnson, said they have a baby name picked out, however they are keeping it a secret. Of course, Ellen gave her some interesting baby name suggestions, including Stapler Thunderstorm and Thursday Foghorn.

“I will think about it,” Jessica laughed.

She also made an appearance on The Tonight Show and told Jay Leno she was nervous about labor — especially since she’s been having Braxton Hicks contractions.

“Labor is really going to hurt,” she said. “I have so much respect for my mom and all the women across the world.”

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