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5 Cues you should take from celebrity moms

Celebrity moms might have millions of dollars in the bank and regularly walk red carpets, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two from them as parents.

From asking for help to putting their bodies at the top of the list, read on for five things we can learn from celebrity moms including Jennifer Garner, Molly Sims, Christina Applegate, Tori Spelling, Bethenny Frankel Beyonce and more.

It’s OK to ask for help

Many Hollywood mamas have round-the-clock child care for their little ones. And some like Angelina Jolie often lean on their in-laws to help watch their kids. As busy as they are, they realize they can’t be in two places at once (or like Angelina, in two continents) and often need assistance with their children. So whether it’s asking your mother-in-law to come over so you and your husband can have a long overdue date night or hiring a nanny so you can go back to work, remember that as a mother, you don’t have to carry all the responsibility on your shoulders. It’s OK to ask for and accept help.

You can put your body at the top of the list

Be like a celebrity mom:

  • lift weights
  • do squats
  • core exercises

Sure, it might be extra motivating for a celebrity to know that if she doesn’t get rid of her post-baby belly bulge immediately after giving birth, her pooch could be photographed and plastered on the front of every tabloid magazine. But whatever their reason, many celebrity moms like Beyonce, Bethenny Frankel and Jessica Alba are looking fabulous just months after pregnancy. So why not put your body at the top of your list, too? And before you say the words, but they have trainers, think about this: that may be true, but they’re still lifting the weights, doing the squats and powering through the core exercises when they’d no doubt rather be hitting snooze.

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You can still dress cute

Many celebrity moms and moms-to-be have great style. Newly pregnant Kristin Cavallari has been spotted wearing leather pants and Vanessa Minnillo bared her brand-new bump in a darling romper. The Oscars were also a showcase for pregnant stars including Kourtney Kardashian and Molly Sims, who covered their bellies in fashionable frocks. (Molly even offeres tips on how to copy her chic maternity style if you’re on a budget.) And moms like Jennifer Garner prove you can still look stylish in a simple pair of jeans. Bottom line: Pregnancy doesn’t equal muumus and fat pants.

You can make time for social media

If you’re still confused about what Twitter is and the last time you checked your Facebook account was before your first baby was born, it might be time to dust off your smart phone. Busy celebrity moms like Tori Spelling, Christina Applegate and Alyssa Milano don’t use social media sites like Twitter simply for self promotion — they also tweet very candidly about motherhood. If you’re looking for a much-needed LOL after a hard day of parenting, follow some of these celebrity moms on Twitter.

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You can laugh at yourself

A very pregnant Jessica Simpson laughed with Jay Leno that she’s so big she looks like she’s having twins. Busy mom Christina Applegate used a plastic “poopy” bag as a hair tie and tweeted a picture of it. Bottom line: All moms are busy, frazzled and have stress. If you can poke fun at yourself, it just makes it all a little easier.

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