Christy Pereira shares Jerseylicious style tips for busy moms

Tired of living in your sweatpants and apple-sauce stained T-shirt? Christy Pereira from the hit reality show Jerseylicious is here with some sassy style tips for busy moms.

Christy Pereira is the first to admit motherhood changes you. Before she was a mom, she wouldn’t be caught dead running around in sweatpants. But with 19-month-old Daniella, things are different. “When you are a mom, you simply don’t have time to spend hours getting ready in the morning. You have to hit the floor running. And there’s just no use trying to dress up when you’re on the floor chasing a baby around or schlepping car seats in and out of your vehicle all day long.”

But instead of giving up and succumbing to Fashion Armageddon, Christy keeps a few Jerseylicious mom fashion tricks up her sleeve.

Flirty flats

Flats are all the rage these days. You can pair them with leggings, skinny jeans or even skirts. Dress them up or down, and you are still sexy without having to suffer. Christy says, “I love Tory Burch flats. They are adorable, and you can wear them while you run around town with your little ones and still look fab.”

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Fitted tees

Wearing a T-shirt doesn’t have to mean you look like you just climbed out of the laundry basket. Christy favors long-sleeved fitted tees when she is bumming around with her tyke. “Simple accessories can make a world of difference. Dress up your fitted tee with a scarf or a trendy jean jacket,” says Christy.

Yoga pants

Flaunt your sexy mom curves with some flattering yoga pants. “If you’re going to wear sweats, tight-fitted yoga pants are a surefire way to keep it spicy. I have two pairs of really great Brazilian yoga pants with pockets that I am in love with. They are so cute I would never wear them to the gym!”

Cute sneakers

It’s true. Comfort is king when you have kids. Christy admits, “Heels just don’t make sense when you are chasing down a firecracker of a toddler from sunup to sundown. But if you are going to wear tennis shoes, pick some cute, stylish pairs. You can still be fashionable and comfy at the same time.”

Snow boots

It may be nearing the end of boot season for now, but snow boots have not seen the end of their reign. When you need some cold-weather kicks, snow boots are where it’s at. Christy recommends pairing your pair with comfortable leggings and an oversized sweater.

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Leggings look great with anything, and you can easily glam them up or dress them down. Throw on a tunic and big chunky belt, and your look is complete.

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