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4 Messy outdoor crafts for kids

Hints of spring may have you in the mood to get crafty, but the thought of your kids getting paint, glue and glitter on anything standing still doesn’t have to keep you from creating spring crafts. From paint-splattered murals to packing peanut art, these four messy outdoor crafts for kids will inspire creativity while keeping your indoors clean.

Paint-splattered murals

Rubber spiked balls plus paint and some eager little hands equal monster-sized fun!


Large roll of paper


Drop cloth

Washable paint

Paint in disposable containers

Rubber spike balls

Markers and googly eyes (optional)


  1. Secure several lengths of paper to your fence with pushpins and spread drop cloth below.
  2. Cover rubber ball in paint by dipping into disposable container and stand back!
  3. Let kids toss the ball at the paper to make a monster-shaped splatter.
  4. Once paint is dry, your youngsters can use markers and googly eyes to turn this messy outdoor craft into a mural to welcome all of spring’s creatures!

Super-sized rolling stamp

Let kids make all the mess they want outdoors with this life-sized stamper that works great on canvas tote bags and aprons, too.


Mailing tube

Pre-cut adhesive foam shapes

Foam brush

Tempera paint

Large roll of paper or fabric


  1. Adhere foam shapes to the mailing tube, leaving about six inches uncovered on each end for your kids’ hands to roll.
  2. Use the foam brush to apply paint to the foam shapes and clean off excess from roll.
  3. Lay fabric or sheet of paper on a flat surface and roll and press the tube along the length of the paper.
  4. Let dry and use another paint color to add to the pizzazz of this outdoor craft for kids!

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Exploding art

Messy pop-art crafts for kids are the perfect way to welcome spring. Crafts like these can’t be done anywhere else!


Craft paper

Baking soda

Toilet paper

Zip-top sandwich bag

White vinegar

Tempera paint

Measuring spoon


  1. Spread a large sheet of paper on the ground.
  2. Scoop one tablespoon of baking soda into the center of a square of toilet paper, fold into a bundle and tuck into one corner of the sandwich bag.
  3. Mix one-third cup of vinegar with one tablespoon of paint color of your choice and pour into opposite corner of the bag.
  4. Seal the sandwich bag quickly, with a little air inside, and mix by shaking slightly and set on the paper. But, stand back! The bag will inflate and the pop, leaving a masterpiece fit only for the outdoors.

Packing peanut art

Once spring has sprung, it’s warm enough to head outside and engage in a little water play, but be sure kids use just a splash or you’ll be left with a mushy mess.


Biodegradable packing peanut materials
Cup of water


  1. Roll up your kiddo’s sleeves and dip the sponge in water.
  2. Press two packing peanuts on the wet sponge to dampen and press together.
  3. Continue wetting peanuts and adding to the sculpture. Let dry.
  4. Your kids can make art, hats or whatever their imagination desires to welcome the new season with this outdoor-worthy craft!

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When spring showers have your youngsters cooped up inside, consider moving these four messy outdoor crafts to a covered porch or screened patio. Just be sure to have an extra drop cloth or two on hand to make them even easier to clean up, whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling down!

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